An Important Quote for Leaders

Today’s blog post will be brief. Primarily this is due to digging around in my stacks of papers, handouts, and folders for visual aids I need to help me make a presentation tomorrow morning.  The presentation will be to an entire staff of elementary school teachers, none of whom know me very well.  A few of their students know me better as their “garden club teacher.”  Hopefully, next year, more teachers and more students will know me better.  I will be asking the teachers to encourage students to join the garden club next fall.  There are many benefits to be had by being involved in a school based garden club.

Besides the obvious advantage of increased contact with nature, and decreased time spent on technology, students can experience the following:

increased engagement with peers of all ages,

increased creativity,

better critical thinking skills,

experience the benefits of teamwork and shared space,

experience a sense of belonging,

experience a sense of community,

experience a sense of pride and empowerment,

an increased ability to apply learned concepts to everyday life,

and perhaps even experience increased achievement on standardized tests.

It is not at all about learning to dig a hole and put a flower in the ground. 

Garden Club is about planting the seeds of environmental stewardship

in our youth, 

all the while they are planting seeds

in the common ground at their school. 


This is some of what I hope to impart tomorrow morning at the meeting. While I was running around, however, I ran across a quote that I wrote down recently on a post it.      I do not think I read it in any book, I believe it is something I thought about leadership and learning.  It is how I feel.

“Be a visionary leader, not a reactionary one.” 

I have a vision for garden club and our students. It is a vision I have put countless hours into implementing over the last 14 years. It is a vision I want to see continued with passion, hope, and purpose.  Wish me well as I try to communicate this to a staff that is new to my ideas.




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