When You Are Old Enough That Your Spheres of Knowledge Collide

You know you have a lot of life experience when your worlds start to collide. This morning while scrolling through my social media feed, my eyes were drawn to an article on butterflies and how they survive rainstorms. Actually, it was the title and the graphic of the article that attracted me. It was on the New York Times webpages and titled: Butterflies: Riders on the Storm. 

Being a monarch conservationist of almost two decades, flush with knowledge that both illuminates and disappoints, the article was soon read. However,  the title of the article itself, took me down a different path. “Riders on the Storm” – wasn’t that the title of a song by the iconic rock band, The Doors in the early 70’s? Immediately, a verse was sung. My husband shot me one of those, where did that come from looks!  An explanation followed.

As a lover of all kinds of music, this was an easy connection for me to make. Butterflies, and Rock Bands, in my world – it all fits. And, it fits together! But, some explaining of the song led to looking it up on YouTube, a listening session, and brief rock music history lesson of the legendary Door’s lead singer, Jim Morrison, too.  Soon enough, both my husband and I had Riders on the Storm stuck in our heads and were contemplating the meaning of Morrison’s undoubtably drug infused, yet inspired lyrics. We are old enough, but a little too young to have been listening to this song as it hit the airwaves in the early 70’s. Soon after which time, Morrison died.

The article on butterflies proved to tell me little more than what I already knew, but then again, my intense interest in the subject could not let me skip over it and just be satisfied with the creative title. Monarchs use adaptive mechanisms and behaviors to cope with the storms they encounter whether in transit or at the over wintering grounds. Many times, those coping strategies are enough to enable their survival. They are truly Riders on the Storm, not unlike any of us who need to adapt to the storms, literally or figuratively, that we encounter in our daily lives. Oft times the adaptations we employ are enough to ensure survival, occasionally they are not.

But, it amazed me that before 8 a.m. this morning, we explored the challenges of  a beloved insect, revisited some famous rock music, and had a history lesson life science, music, and sociology all rolled into one. It occurred to me that this was only possible because of my age – not old – but old enough to have my spheres of knowledge collide and connect over a very unlikely titled article in a popular online newspaper about  butterflies.

Butterfly or Human, We are all Riders on the Storm!



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