Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

The following are my submissions for the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted.

Origami is folded paper but sometimes it is folded in such a way that allows movement.  The first set of photos is called the Curlee-Q which is made from one long continuous piece of paper and the second set of photos is called the Twisting Tower. Both pieces of Origami were folded by my son six years ago when he was in fourth grade! Amazing!



The twisted stair case of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda exemplifies this word perfectly. This light has protected ships for hundreds of years from the coral lined coast of this sub-tropical island that I have had the privilege of visiting three times in my life!


Another piece of Origami by my youngest son. This is a torus ring that consists of hundreds of folded pieces of paper, joined together to form a twisted ring! It is 3 dimensional and quite a work of art!


Twisted is the motion that the cider press uses to make our own apple cider in the fall. These are photos from 2015, a year in which we had a banner harvest.

More origami. Ninja Stars – over four hundred folded for a young student who battled leukemia to let him know his classmates – those he knew and those he didn’t – were thinking of him. Folding, instruction, and given by my own student who was featured in the above pieces. Kirigami is cut paper. The set of graduated shapes were twisted into place to hold their form by my “origamist” trying something new.



Finally, my last interpretation of the word Twisted is the Banyan Tree in Lahaina, Maui. It’s twisted branches, reach down to the ground forming roots to anchor this ancient living specimen. It is a twisted spectacle!


I hope you enjoyed my version of Twisted!



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