A Page Turning Day…

Do you ever have a day when you feel like you are turning a page? Yesterday was a day like that for me. It started off as being productive. Preparations for our high school graduation party are underway, so this has necessitated more multi-tasking than usual.

Purposely, my day was broken into parts. Early morning entailed finalization of the menu. Mid-morning errands to the bank, post office, and dollar store were completed by 11 a.m.. Our family room was dusted by noon. Then, after eating lunch, the “memory boards” were worked on, nearing completion. Laundry was done, in between, as the dryer buzzer went off, altering me to the job of folding. Mid-afternoon heat was unavoidable as I put some finishing touches on our garden beds. Unfortunately, after tending to extensive school gardens in the last few weeks, my own garden beds are not as “pristine” as I’d like them for our party. But, they’ll be fine. Most of my friends know how busy we’ve been and won’t judge. Although today wasn’t quite as hot as our 98 degree days of the last week, it was still warm outside at 84 when working in the garden.  I lasted an hour.  It was enough.

My newly graduated eighteen year old arrived back from the State Tennis tournament in Madison around 4 o’clock. He went to watch his friend and teammate be the first student in 24 years to make it to State.  I was pleased and proud he wanted to go to support his friend. For whatever reason, he saw my blog on his Facebook feed today, even though I had posted two days ago. The blog was about him. He must have been meant to read it. I know, because he commented.  He hugged me and thanked me upon returning home. Let me tell you, this was a gift!  I am so glad that he was pleased with what he read.  Karma: what goes around, comes around.

A shower and quick dinner took us back to the high school for the track and field season banquet. My sprinter was honored in a number of ways, all of which I am proud.  As a sophomore, he had a great year – was named our High School Most Outstanding Track Athlete of 2018, broke a school record for his age group, and won a conference title, both for the 200 meter race. All great accomplishments, while shaving time of his personal bests several times during the season. But, alas, he did not make it to our State Track Meet. While disappointed, I did remind him he was a sophomore, and still had room to grow and improve. I am sure, if he continues to work hard, the State Track Meet will be in his future. He just missed it by placing 5th in the 200 meter at Sectionals this year. The top three from each sectional go to State.

Towards the end of the track banquet, a friend of ours scared the dickens out of me!  I was sitting alone, as my student was sitting with his buddies, and my husband was unable to attend as he works late on Thursdays. This friend, a high school teacher who is retiring, crept up behind me and asked me a question! Yikes! I think I flew off my chair. It had us both laughing!  He told my son I probably wasn’t going to sleep for days….that might be true, in all honesty! I will have to find a way to pay him back! I guess what surprised me the most what that it was so out of character for him! It was such a spontaneous thing to do – scare me – that set me back. Maybe, I don’t know him as well as I think I do. But, the laugh was good and appreciated. I tend to be highly strung so a release every so often is much-needed!

Upon arriving home, there was one last thing on my list. It was to call my friend Ivy to see if I could borrow a few folding chairs for our party on Sunday. Have you ever had a friend that just makes you feel so good when you talk to them? Well, that is my friend Ivy. We used to be neighbors. We became friends when her children participated in the garden club I ran at our school.  Oh, how I miss those days! Ivy is an avid gardener. Her yard could rival anyone’s!  In fact, she was digging in the dirt when I called her tonight. Within seconds, I was laughing and talking all at once!  I just love how she makes me feel! I know I need to see more of this friend.

So, by the time my boys, and my husband were home, I felt like I had the sort of day that is page turning. Earlier, I felt burdened. I was ruminating over comments made by another friend for no reason. Maybe, I just need more friends, more laughter, more surprises, and more focus on the funnier things in life!  With these realizations, I feel like a page was turned!




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