With a Little Help From My Friends…

You know this old Beatles tune, right? “I get by with a little help from my friends….” In 1967, it was part of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Over the last week, and particularly yesterday, the song came to mind as I readied for my middle son’s high school graduation party.  The phone calls and texts started about two weeks ago asking friends to borrow essential items like tables, chairs, crock pots, and even table weights – good thing too because it just happened to be windy yesterday during the hours our party was held.

As I have aged I have realized just how important friends are and how important it is to work at maintaining those friendships that are important to you. In addition to being able to borrow things, friends – true friends – are there to lend a listening ear. To me, being able to borrow things is great, but having someone you trust to talk to and listen is more important.  For example, my friend Cathy stopped to drop off the table weights the day before the party. My husband and I were in full gear with party prep.  But, just having her stop by gave my a chance to take a break and have a great conversation.  We connect on a lot of different levels and it is nice to be able to be oneself without feeling like one is being judged.

May has been a stressful month with end of year activities to attend, squeezing in extra sporting events due to their previous cancellation from a spring full of rain, new, obligations at a school garden, and interviewing for an interim school board seat. While I gladly took on this stress, in the middle of it all, I realized I did not need it. I am trying to be a “doer” and not just a “talker” but the “doing” wears me out.  And then, even when I am a doer, there seems to be question as to “how” and “why” I am doing the things I do.

For example, running for the vacant interim board seat was stressful.  But, due to other stressors, I did not focus on it.  Still, I cannot help but be irritated when someone insinuates they could have done it better!  My question becomes, “Well, why didn’t you, then?”  Even my own mother asked, “why are you doing this?” instead of offering support for doing it.  I appreciated the friends who told me I was brave to “put myself out there” and I was proud to have presented myself well. While I do not know if I will run for an actual elected school board seat next spring, I did appreciate the support I got from my friends when I applied for this interim seat.

Yes, friends are very important, especially when you need a little help, a listening ear, or that invisible support when you need it the most and can feel it being there.  I got by more easily this weekend with a little help from my friends. And, I’ll be there for them to get by with a little help from me when they need it, too.  I know I could not have been ready for this party without them. And, more importantly, I know that I need them all in my life as part of my support system.  As a friend, I hope I am there for them in the same ways.  It certainly gives me something to which I can aspire.

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  1. Your words made me think of, “No man is an island.” We do need support from friends. I’m glad you were able to ask and accept the help from others. Sometimes that is so hard to do.

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