Poetry Friday: My Gardens

What follows is a free verse poem about my gardens – gardens at home and at school.

Although it is not my first poem, it is my first submission to Poetry Friday.  I hope enjoy the vision of these special places that I tried to share with you today.



My Gardens

My gardens are alive again.

First, the vibrant greens spring up from

the crusted brown, hardened earth.

Then, patches of color appear.

Soft lavender, peach, and pink

in the brown, encircled by green

spear-shaped foliage. Now, a more vibrant

deep, Celtic purple reigns on

elongated, elegant stems.

The irises are in bloom after the pink hyacinth and

Bleeding Hearts have receded.

Color is ushered in by warmer and brighter days.

The need to plant more and more colorful annuals –

petunias, marigolds, alyssum, and kale,

Over takes my mind and wallet.

Now the milkweed is knee-high,

Already laden with eggs

and caterpillars


visiting Monarchs.


Daily visits to my monarch habitat ensue.

Bees and Hummingbirds visit

regularly, stopping often

to gather pollen or

sip nectar.

Even a bright male Gold Finch stops by the feeder

set out to attract the smaller Ruby Red.

The Lupine in their array of pastel shades

are especially lovely this year.


Yes, my gardens are alive.

And, as such, so am I.

10 thoughts

  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday! Thanks for the enchanting tour of your gardens! I love how you document the season through the flowers that are blooming. I do the same thing (almost time for the yucca to bloom here)!! Boy, do I wish my lupine would come on as strong as yours. Maybe next year. And send a few of those monarchs my way. I have plenty of milkweed for the munching!!

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    1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I was stuck today as to what to write and have been wanting to try the Poetry Fridays! My Dad grew yucca for years by our pool. I’ve never tried it but do like the plant! I would love for the monarchs to find you…..especially since you have milkweed! The season is early – maybe they will still show up! Thanks, again!


  2. I’m so glad you joined in the round-up fun! Your gardens and poems are equally beautiful! I love to write poems about flowers. I like to use their real names, but I often make up my own names for them as well! Thanks again for sharing!

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  3. Welcome to Poetry Friday. I enjoyed reading about and seeing your garden. I would like to invite you to my global gallery of artistic expressions at eyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2018/04/spring-salutations-with-invitation-to.html in case you would like to create a shorter version of your poem to be embedded on one of your photos (an image poem).

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