Get outta town!

For the last few days, I was out of town with my husband. He had to work in another city to cover for another employee who took a few days off and asked me to go with him.

Having never been to the cities of Appleton and Oshkosh, I knew I should go to check out what was reported as great shopping venues! Mind you, I am not a huge shopper. I’m good for a couple of hours, tops. But, the shopping in our area has gotten stale, in my opinion. I end up going to Kohl’s for almost all my needs and lately, even my modest taste cannot be satisfied there.  So, encouraged by my husband, I shopped while he worked!

I can honestly say this was lot of fun! The mall was large, modern, well kept, and had an assortment of stores ranging from sporting goods, such as Scheel’s,  to Pottery Barn.  The first day, I spent a couple hours there and was happy with several purchases I found while perusing the clearance racks at Macy’s and Scheel’s, To top it all off, August first was the start of five full days of a tax free week in Wisconsin! Whoo-hoo! Who doesn’t like to save on taxes! The second day I decided to be a little more adventuresome and head to Oshkosh to the outlet mall. It was a dreary day and I was there by 10:30. I found it nearly deserted!  The first store I went in had a bonanza of things I wanted to purchase. It’s rare when I’m excited about shopping, but I was! I even caught myself smiling as I walked between the stores in the drizzle. There was a ten year old boy dancing (ala Jim Carrie in the Mask type dancing) on the sidewalk and it just made me laugh! He obviously was enjoying himself, too! I caught his brother snickering behind a column not to far in front of us. Perhaps, it was an end of summer brotherly dare. In any case, it was funny!

As I made my way around, I proceeded to quite a few more stores without making any purchases. Then, I hit the Columbia outlet and found some great deals on jackets and outerwear – great gifts for upcoming birthday and off to college necessities! Soon, I found I was tiring. Everything was starting to look the same, and I started to ask myself if I/we really needed another shirt/pair of pants/sweater or whatever else I held in my hand.  Again, after just about two hours, I headed out.

My out of town excursion was not only an excuse to shop but also to do some school work – uninterrupted. My afternoons were spend reading and taking notes for my final assignments in my summer courses. It was time well spent!

Today, I headed back to the mall to pick up a couple of things I saw but needed to check sizes for my boys. Returning to Scheel’s, I unexpectedly picked up birthday presents for more family members with fall birthdays and a new dress for myself! As I told the fitting room attendant, I needed a new dress like a hole in the head, but it was really cute when I put it on and couldn’t resist. You must understand, this is really not like me at all! I was having fun……SHOPPING!

During all this, we made some new friends, had dinner at new restaurants, and visited some new places. It was a fun time to get outta town for a few days! I’m so glad I accepted my husband’s offer to travel with him to visit Appleton. I think I’ll have to go back in the future! Who knows what deals I’ll find then?! bags-1296404_1280

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