What goes bump in the night?

Last night I had trouble sleeping. What’s new, right?!  I have written about my problem with insomnia before. When I went to bed, I read as I usually do. I felt sleepiness and relaxation coming over me, slowly overtaking my limbs, creeping up to my eyelids, making them heavy enough to fall. I shut out the light while my spouse was still awake. Soon, he shut off his light.

Click! No sooner than he did that, I found myself awake! It is like some kind of conditioned Pavlovian response. Click!  And, I automatically waken. I stare into the darkness. Then, I start to notice what goes bump in the night!

I noticed a……….

A nose…..click clicking,

A clock…..tick ticking,

A butt…..toot tooting,

A sigh…..sigh sighing,

A toad….croak croaking,

A dog….bark barking,

A light….flick flickering,

A stomach….growl growling,

A cat…..meow meowing,

A car…..honk honking,

A coyote…..howl howling,

A siren….blare blaring,

A door….shut shutting,

A stair…..creak creaking,

I move to a couch in the other room and I hear ……

A stair….creak creaking,

A door….shut shutting,

An eye…..close closing,

Silent stillness……creep creeping,

Slumber……call calling.

I answer.








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