Life: It’s All About Perspective

Over the course of the last  year, I’ve done a great deal of soul-searching. I have come to the following conclusion. Life is all about perspective. It is filled with different ways to look at things. And choosing to look at things one way, as opposed to another influences your happiness.

It’s a matter of choosing to look at the blooming plants, like Anise Hyssop in my front yard instead of focusing on the Liatris blooms that are now dead.

It’s a matter of perspective. Do I choose to revel in the new Wild Lupine Plants that grew in a spot I chose, like here in our North facing raised bed. Or, those same plants that didn’t under our large Maple tree in the back?

Do I focus on the diseased apple tree leaves on some trees? Or do I choose to relish in the trees with healthy foliage that are yielding a delicious batch of apples?

Why should I want the apples so high up in the tree that I can’t reach and not be just as satisfied with the ones on the lower limbs, closer to my grasp? They taste the same.

Do I  cheer for the eight monarch caterpillars I found yesterday? Or, do I get mad that I see some today that I must have missed?

Am I depressed when I find an infection in my monarch habitat? Or, am I elated in the fact that I’ve raised and released forty-three (#43 is seen below) adult butterflies so far this year?

Should I look up the hill all the time or look through the valley of the trees?

Do I drink in the warmth of the color like Frederick the Mouse saving it for the winter to come or sooth myself with the coolness of greens on the current hot day at the end of summer?

Yes, it makes a difference how we look at life. Life IS all about perspective.

Choose to look at the glass half full or more! It will fill your soul with gladness.

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