Ten Things September

Stealing an idea from a fellow Slicer, who wrote about Ten Things Tuesday last week, I am going to recount ten things that mean September is here!

10. Cooler nights.

We were able to open the windows for a couple of days this week, but rains moved in and humidity stayed high, so we ended up closing them again. It is probably for the best, as an allergy sufferer the air conditioned house decreases the exposure to allergens. This helps in not waking up all “stuffy”. As a seasonal allergy sufferer in the autumn, I start dreaming of our first frosts at this point!

9. Apples Ripen.

Our apples are ripening. Both my husband and I have tried some. This year we will have Haralson’s, Cortland’s, and some Honey Gold. Unfortunately, our Honey Crisp trees – an apple that has wild popularity here- and probably all over the U.S., did not produce this year.

8. Cider Time.

With the ripening apples, we plan for making apple cider. Six years ago, I bought my husband a cider press for our anniversary. It is fun to use and helps us make delicious apple cider. Last year we had a cider making party with friends, and just scheduled that event for this year. Fun times!

7. Labor Day, A Birth Day.

Labor Day is more that just a U.S. holiday in our house! It is the day we had our first child! No kidding! I really labored on labor day!  Even though the date moves every year with the calendar, and always falls on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is associated with a birthday and a lot of great memories in our house!

6. More Birthdays.

My oldest, the one whose birthday was referred to above, shares his birthday month with his youngest brother – being born only one day later but seven years apart. Strangely enough, I don’t think his birthday ever landed on Labor Day. But both have had years when they have started school for the year on their birthdays! Those were crazy days for sure! And, both their aunt’s have birthdays this month, too!

5. School Starts.

As I mentioned above, September is when school starts for us. Tomorrow is the day classes resume in our district this year. In addition, this year, they will also resume for me as I take the final course for my second graduate degree. Teacher friends have been back at it for several weeks now, if not all summer, tutoring and making plans for their classroom of new students.

4. A Carpet of Green.

The soccer team got new uniforms this year, and they also got a new playing field. It is level, and was sodded. The first game to be played on it will happen this week! My son, who is on the soccer team, is very excited!

3. The End of Monarch Migration Season.

Monarchs are often a subject of my blog as I’ve been involved in their conservation for the last 16 years! Today, I will release the 45th monarch butterfly that I’ve raised from my home butterfly habitat! I will have tagged 13. I hope to tag 26-50 monarchs this year, which would be up from 25 last year. I am still finding instar stage 4 and 5 caterpillars (I found 7 yesterday), and have about 18 Chrysalids, and 15 caterpillars. It’s been a banner year of resurgence for the monarchs in my yard! It leaves me hopeful for their future.

2. September Means Teaching Garden Club

In 2004, I started a garden club at the elementary school where my oldest son was in 4th grade at the time. I developed and taught the lessons, as well as facilitated that club for 13 years.  I had over 500 students join me to learn about nature over those years. Sadly, it ended in June of 2017. But, in October of the same year, I was hired in another district to have a garden club. It is September again, and thus, my fifteenth year of garden club commences on the 13th. I am always energized by the students who join me for this group, and this year will be no different!

1. Sunny Days & Sweater Season.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the bright sunshine, vibrant chrysanthemums, wearing a bulky sweater, and biting a crisp apple that we grew ourselves.  I love the return of a schedule, and structure to my days. College campuses resume educating our youth, not only on content, but also with life lessons. Younger students bounce down their driveways to the bus stop, proudly knowing they are a year older in grade, and anxious to see friends they might have missed over the summer.

September is here!

And, these are ten of my reasons to celebrate its arrival!

What do you like or dislike about September? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts

  1. I like the apples and the warm, soft light. I used to like the new stationery going back to school; now I like seeing my children in nice new uniform and shoes! I don’t like the feeling that summer is slipping away. I love seasons, but I do wish winter was a month shorter!

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    1. Right now we are going to have a week of sun and temps in the 70’s….that is great weather to me, some of which I could live with all year. The winter’s seem longer and colder than when I was younger. A month less of that would be great! I love how you have a fondness for stationary!


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