Have You Ever? A Returning Series…. Have you ever woken up and known it was going to be a great day?

After one of the most relaxing Sunday’s ever, I woke up this morning just knowing it would be a great day! The sun is out, shining brightly, and skies are blue! It’s supposed to be sixty degrees which means that by this afternoon, I can put my bulbs in the ground!

My first order of business is to make a fleece soccer blanket for my son (or rather for me) so I don’t freeze on the sidelines. It’s fabric I’ve had for quite a few years, but never got around to making it. Over the last five years, I’ve made quite a few of these blankets. They make great high school graduation gifts if you can get licensed fleece for the school the student is moving on to or even just in school colors or with graphics of  a sport they play or musical notes if they’re a musician.  My son’s all have one that I made and this June I bought fleece to make my husband one for our cabin. The fleece for that is still sitting in our closet. It’s a good thing he’s a patient man!


On a side note, I am becoming interested in sewing again, which is kind of exciting! Last night I spent an hour or so looking up patterns to make mittens out of old wool sweaters. I have two sweaters from a famous store in Bermuda, Triminghams, that no longer exists.  It lasted for 163 years before closing its doors in 2005. I rarely wear the sweaters anymore (I bought them in 1987) and thought it would be cool to make some mittens out of them.  The sweaters have sentimental value to me, however, and I’m not sure I can cut them. We’ll see. If not, it’ll be off to the thrift store to see what I can get to experiment on.


And,  the other reason I’ve been thinking about sewing is that I need to think about window treatments for our house. For the first time in ten years, we are going to have neighbors! And, that means we need some privacy that is currently not afforded by having any window treatments in the main rooms of our home (We do have blinds in all of our bedrooms.) In the first house, my husband and I lived as a married couple, I made all the window treatments! These ranged from roller shades and valances to balloon shades and roman shades.  I enjoyed it and they turned out nicely. I know that the people who bought the house from us when we moved to the mid-west, left the shades in place for many, many years!  Have you ever wondered if sewing is an inheritable trait? My maternal grandmother was quite the seamstress!

So, back to why I knew this day would be great……I have a much-needed hair appointment coming up this morning. It always lifts my spirits to have my hair cut and colored! My stylist does a great job!


And, then I’ll come home to plant my flower bulbs! A full day for sure, but I just know it’ll be a great one! What makes your day great?!


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