I have come to realize that one of the things I prize most in the world is uniqueness.  The thought came to me this morning when I rushed to capture the sunrise for the second time in a week, and third time in less than 10 days.

Sunrise over the Coulee, October 16th, 2018 © Carol Labuzzetta.

Each one deserves a photo and a moment of appreciation because they are all different, all unique. The colors in each vary in hue and intensity, and even their placement on the morning horizon. No two are ever the same. Each draws my attention from the busyness of the morning, beckoning me to stop and pay attention to the gift the universe is offering, if only for a very few minutes in time.

IMG_1264 (1)
Sunrise over the Coulee, October 22, 2018 © Carol Labuzzetta

How many have I missed due to being asleep, being in the shower, packing a lunch, or just not paying enough attention?  Plenty, I would guess. But, I would also guess that I’ve seen more than most because I now find myself looking for this moment in time, a moment to pause and capture a unique start to my day.

Sunrise over the Coulee, October 25, 2018 © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

The more I thought about it, the more I realized what I was prizing was the uniqueness of each sunrise. What would I see today? What colors would be most intense? How would they be painted in the distant horizon on this day?  Sometimes, like this morning, they take my breath away! Sunrises and sunsets, are each unique, just like snowflakes or even people. Each has something special to offer, a unique blend of color and hue radiating what comes naturally and what might be present for only the briefest moment in time. We must stop to notice. The world, and each person in it, just like each morning sunrise, has much to offer. Only if we look, will we see.

IMG_1363 (2)
Each Sunrise a unique painting; a gift from the universe. But, we must look to see.                  © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

5 thoughts

  1. This caught my eye because I found myself feeling much the same today as I drove to work Carol. I praised God for his unique way of assuring me each day He is still in control by sharing such a wonderful example of his handiwork. I try to catch as many sunrise and sunsets as I can and spend time watching the colors change moment by moment as the sun steadily completes its path.

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  2. That’s exactly what I think when I see a sunset or sunrise – that no one has ever seen the sky looking like this before. We don’t easily see the sunsets from our house because of the surrounding trees. It is often when I am driving that I see my best sunrises and sunsets, and I have been known to stop the car to properly drink it in.

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    1. You are awesome to stop and drink in the sight! I think that’s great. We are lucky to have these views from the back of our home, which has many windows that look upon the valley behind us. Sunsets are harder to catch because we have a hill that blocks the horizon across from the front of our house. You have to take them when you can get them, that’s what I think! I love watching them when vacationing as well….always something different.


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