Halloween Costumes and Walt Disney World

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Our family has celebrated several Halloween’s when we all dressed up.

When my oldest was three  (it was more than twenty years ago), we went to Walt Disney World in Florida for Halloween.  He was a dalmatian and I made the costume. Since he was so young we trick or treated in  the food court at the Caribbean Beach Resort where we stayed.  It was fun and he got loads of candy! (Like you need any more reason to be excited when you are in Disney World).

Homemade Dalmation Costume, © Carol Labuzzetta

The following year we went back with my parents and had purchased tickets to the Magic Kingdom Halloween Party. Again, I made costumes for myself, my husband, and son. We were Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan. But, there was a Tornado!  The Orlando police and county sheriff’s office were recommending that no one go out trick or treating! So, being the “rule” followers that we are. We stayed at the resort (again, the Caribbean Beach). We did not even make it over to the food court, the weather was so horrendous. Disney told us the Magic Kingdom party was still on, despite the warnings. We thought that was nuts!

A few years after that, we went back during Halloween week and again bought tickets to Mickey’s Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom, since we did not get to go when the tornado struck.  By this time, our family had grown and we had all three of our boys with us. My sister-in-law also met us there for the vacation. Again, I made costumes! We went as the main characters from the Wizard of Oz. I was Dorothy. The boys were the scarecrow, the cowardly lion, and toto. My husband was the tin man. And, my sister-in-law was the wicked witch! The weather was great, so we were able to go to the party in the Magic Kingdom.  It was fun, but exhausting! And, you’ll be surprised to know that they were very stingy with the candy!

Mickey’s Halloween Party, WDW Florida, Homemade Wizard of Oz costumes. © Carol Labuzzetta

Subsequently, we switched from going to Orlando to Amelia Island for Halloween week. The weather is usually beautiful in Florida in October, the crowds are less, and we used to have a short, two-day break that allowed us to take the boys out of school and not have them miss too much. By the time we went to the east coast of the sunshine state, we were recycling costumes and I was no longer making them.

Since then, we did attend local parties, held by friends where we all dressed up. One year, again when my sister-in-law was in town, we went as the gang from the show Gilligan’s Island! That was great fun.  Anther time, we went as the Munsters! A few of those costumes, such as my dress for being Lily Munster, had to be made. It was great fun looking for just the right fabric or accessory.


My boys are almost all grown now. Trick or treating and Halloween has taken on a slightly different slant, although we still have a bowl full of candy, just in case we answer the door and find a skeleton, mermaid, pirate, unicorn, or butterfly there!

Homemade Pirate Costume, © Carol Labuzzetta

Happy Halloween!

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