Poetry Friday: Oceans of Trash

A Bottle Cap

Plastic Bags


A Cup with Iced Coffee

Air Fillers for Packing Boxes

Forks, Knives, Spoons, Plates

Take out containers

Saran Wrap

All Plastic.

Discarded, Floating, Moving with the tide out to Sea and back again to distant shores

A river of trash forming a plastic river in the wider ocean

Moving, Growing, Expanding, Killing…..

Our turtles,

Our fish,

Our Dolphins,


Debris from over consumption

Filling the  world’s watery bowl with the scraps of our existence

We’ve done this.



We must stop.

Is it already too late?

Ask yourself.


7 thoughts

  1. Phew! Some sad truth here. My sixth graders are going to love/hate this poem. I will look forward to sharing it with them next week.

    As for your question about what’s acceptable to post- Poetry Friday is for all things poetry- you can post anything you want, poems you have written, poems other people have written, book reviews, other poetry resources, e.g. games related to poetry, etc.

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    1. Thanks! I am glad you will share it with students. Admittedly, I do not thing it is a great piece of writing but if students can learn from it, by all means share! I used to run a 3rd grade writer’s circle with students that ran all year, for six years in a row! I miss having students with whom to share pieces of writing – we often did so in our poetry unit, as I wrote right along with them. Thanks, for the information, too!


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