Poetry Friday: Morning Encounters and Unread Posts

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A Morning Encounter

A sliver,

A slice,

A smile.

All these I saw in the early morning light, just before dawn

through the branches of our maple tree.

It caught my eye, that shining sliver of light,

glancing in my window at me,

so perfectly outlined

in the Eastern morning sky of cobalt blue.

Imperceptibly moving,

moving out of my framed view,

until either it was lost in the light of day or

obscured by the wooden box.

I don’t know which, but at my next furtive glimpse

the shining slice of a sliver smile was gone.

Daylight had arrived.


The Unread Post

I know you did not read it,

as you told me that you would.

For when I told you what I saw,

your surprised reaction barely stood.


I know you did not visit me,

on this written page of prose.

For two days ago when I wrote of it,

the message had gone cold.


I know you cannot hear my words,

as they leap off the silent screen.

Just read them, read them please,

I beg of you to glean.


Glean an understanding of me

and of what I think.  For time grows short for

me to tell you, it’ll be gone before I blink.


I want you to read me.

Oh yes, oh yes, I do.

For between these very lines of words,

lays unspoken truths.   Love, Joy, Anger, &

Heartache are not all that’s here. But,

until this blog’s a book, you will not read,

this I know, I fear.

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