Odds and Ends

As you may well know, usually my posts have a theme, message, or some kind of cohesive story. Today, I am just going to post some odds and ends, since I do not seem to have a lot on which to comment.

Football in the US

We watched the AFC championship game last night and were rooting for Kansas City! Unfortunately, they lost. But, it was entertaining and at least the Patriots were made to work hard for their win. As with a different college bowl game, earlier this month, we felt the commentating was somewhat biased. This becomes very irritating to those who do not have a particular allegiance. We do not watch much in the way of sports in our house. Usually, soccer and tennis are viewed, if anything. But, there is hardly a football game in sight.  Yes, we are odd. But, it is just who we are. And, we definitely like to root for the underdog in any sport, which is what we did last night.

Pixabay. CCO License.

The Blood Moon Eclipse

If you know me, you knew I was going to have to fit a little science in to this post somewhere.  This celestial event was well advertised locally, and probably globally in previous days. By after dinner, the full moon was high in the northeastern sky, vibrant, and bright.  We opened one of our new window blinds (hung to block out a new neighborhood being built adjacent to our property) to be able to have an unobstructed view of the changing lunar events of the evening.

Just before 9 p.m. CST, I made my way to the kitchen get a cup of tea and made a requisite stop at the window. There were not any changes visible yet, but the sky was very clear, and cloudless.  By 9:45, my husband was saying something to me from his spot in the kitchen but I could not hear but a muffled…something, something. I had forgotten about the eclipse until I came up the stairs and stated, somewhat irritatedly, “I cannot hear you!”

“It’s started,” was what I got, bringing me back to the mystery of the moment!

Both of us tried to get photos with our phones, which were absolutely worthless. I had the point and shoot available, so I took a couple with the Canon, and knew that they wouldn’t be great but I was too lazy to get out my DSLR Nikon.  For the next hour, I was at our patio door snapping photos from different phases of the lunar eclipse. I noticed that the blood-red color was much more vibrant on my digital images (no filter) than with the naked eye. Having the patio door open when it was -5 degrees F outside, was a limiting factor.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, January 20th, 2019. © Carol Labuzzetta

I do have lunar lenses for my DSLR and have a tripod with a 600mm lens. I will have to learn to take better nighttime photos. It is something that still poses a challenge for me, but I wasn’t up to it last night.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Growing up in the highly regulated, bureaucratic State of New York, we always had this holiday off. Here in the midwest, we’ve recently had this day off from school obligations (although, I do still have a board committee meeting tonight). On the television news, as well as over the digital media, today we are reminded of this enlightened man’s message, of his dream. It is sad to note that there still exist many race relation issues and social justice issues that plague our society, many years after this man’s death. His dream lives on in many, and so it should.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue. Washington, D.C. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015

One thing that I have learned as an adult is to be kind to everyone, for you do not know their circumstances. It is not right to assume or correct to think you are right, in most, if not all situations.  I have not written much on this, but a few of my posts have spoken to this theme in a non-political way. In my post from December of 2017, I ask that parents do something for the children of others, not just their own offspring.  It does take a village to raise our children, and unless the villagers can get along and RESPECT one another’s beliefs, values, and worth, then our children will suffer. I think that is happening.

So, today, when we pause to think about Martin Luther King Jr., think about others in a positive light. Push aside the popular pessimism, rush to blame, and criticisms. Instead, turn to the Golden Rule and treat others the way you wish to be treated. Any small step towards this will be of benefit not only to you, but to all of society!

© All Text and Photographs (unless otherwise noted)  are copyrighted by Carol Labuzzetta. No Permission to duplicate in any form, digitally or otherwise.

Thank you.

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