A Week of Records: Bitter Cold Cancels Classes & College Visits, but not a New Job, A Diary Style Post

Dear Diary:

This week was really odd.

Our school district closed an unprecedented four consecutive days.

Colleges canceled classes, and even the YMCA was closed!

But, not everything got canceled.


First, it was for a snowstorm in which we accumulated 8 inches in our driveway.  We got a text on Sunday evening that school would be closed on Monday. It wasn’t even snowing …..yet. Then, it came. By, Buffalo standards, it wasn’t bad, but my son was glad to be off.

My husband got up and plowed.

I headed off to work for my first day in over 20 years! It was odd to go to work when everyone else was home.


A polar vortex blew in from the north, dipping temps to record lows. Off to work again I went, while others slept under cozy covers and stayed warm. No school for the next two days, was the word received by text. The air is too cold for nearly everyone and everything. Warnings of frostbite and hypothermia  permeated the media. Yet, reminders were still needed for teens who wander around without outerwear in the dead of winter.

Colleges closed here, there, and everywhere. Local universities cancelled classes. Our two sons, who are in college in neighboring states, were hunkered down, staying in – out of the bone chilling cold.



A better day than Tuesday but still bitter cold. It said -26 on the car thermometer as I headed out but stopped to get my coffee. A crock pot of homemade soup for a Potluck lunch after our TEAM meeting sloshed around on the floor of the backseat of my car.  Meanwhile, at work learning technology on a PC versus a Mac has its frustrations but I make some progress by trial and error. If that doesn’t work, I ask. Everyone is nice.

ACT exams are studied. Art is done. AP Classes are studied. An email from a teacher reminding students to study warms my heart.


Another cancelled day, now with the YMCA closed too.  Cabin fever has set in. Minus 35 degrees on the car thermometer told me it was even colder this morning than it has been the last few. School has been canceled a record four days in a row, an unprecedented event, showing concern over the dangerous effects of the cold!


A prospective college visit was canceled for Friday. Madison will have to wait. The need to be in class, after four days off, outweighs the visit to a “maybe” place of the future. We will reschedule as time permits.

My first week of work is a success. I feel great as I leave the office, with some new tasks understood, and more yet to learn. Continued practice with a digital life will occupy me for the near future.


Some of our normal life returns. The temperatures are rising to the single digits above zero. Errands are run. No work for me today. But, school is in session, and my student attends.

A rescheduled trip to Madison is in the works as we try to squeeze in the trip before the Track and Field season arrives.  The weather is always a factor for that as well!

Dear Diary, All in All:

This was a very odd week for many, for most, but as I returned to work, it seems especially so for me. Our odd schedules and sub-zero temperatures are something I will now forever equate with returning to work. But, then again, it is winter in Wisconsin!

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