New Routines: Listening to Audiobooks

Today is Tuesday, right?! We are all still a little mixed up in our house due to the four days we had off last week for inclement weather, otherwise known as a deep freeze!

Well into my second full week of work at a new job, I am trying and succeeding at finding a routine.  Going to bed could come a little earlier but getting up has not been hard. I don’t feel pressured at having to get out the door at a certain time, yet I seem to be finding a regular time span that works for me to do so.

Today, I even stayed a little later than I had planned.  By the time I got home, my husband was still in the woodshop and my son had already left for his work out at the YMCA.  I grabbed my wireless earplugs and my phone, which has the Audible App on it, to listen to a few minutes of the novel in which I am currently absorbed.

It is The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. It is my first audio book. I’ve gotten used to the book being read to me, but will return to another novel in hard form when I am finished with listening to this story. I had started City on Fire just prior to starting this book by Hannah. I’ve written about both books in a previous post.

Hannah writes extremely well and she is known for being able to draw out emotions from her readers. Having read several of her previous books, I knew this one would be written just as well, I just wasn’t sure of the content. And, I’m still not.

I don’t want to give away the story, so I’ll be careful with what I write about The Great Alone. But, I’ve spent most of this book being really angry at one of the main characters. I’m angry about how is he and who he ended up being after fighting the Vietnam War – a war that was so unpopular with our country that we neglected to thank and appreciate these men for their sacrifices. Yes, this character came home from the war. But, he came home damaged. Severely damaged. Filled with hate, Filled with Anger, Filled with Suspicion.


Much of the book surrounds the anger and hatred of that character and subsequent the fear that grows out of it. I’ve taken a while to listen to it, but I only have a few hours left. It’s troubling and disturbing,  definitely not a feel good book type of book that I would prefer reading. Still, I’ve stuck with it. I’m at the point where I need to find out what happens. In any case, I’m prepared to either really dislike the ending or find it not believable.

In hindsight, I am glad I had this book started before I started my job.  I had enough time invested in listening that I can justify continuing to do so. The heaviness of the book content lends itself well to listening in small doses, and that is the amount of time I have right now.

A small dose of distraction after work and before bed, when my eyes are tired but my ears can still listen works and is starting to become part of a new routine.

Today is Slice of Life: Tuesday hosted by blog. Thanks to them we can share our writing with other bloggers who have similar interests.

2 thoughts

  1. I am so obsessed with podcasts that I’m rarely choosing these days to turn to audiobooks, but I do miss that part of my listening reading life. I have heard several strong recommendations for The Great Alone, but it sounds very intense! I generally like gentler stories. Is there one of her novels you’d especially recommend starting with? So glad you’re getting into a routine with your new job. Routines are such an essential comfort in life, I find.

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    1. I’ve only listened to one person’s podcast…those of Gretchen Rubin… Happier. And, that hasn’t been for months. I read Hannah’s The Nightingale first. WWII, two sisters, and their story. I devoured it in 3 days….I did go on to read several others of hers…none that I liked as as well as The Nightingale. The Great Alone is very intense. It is a good way to describe it. I like it the least of all of the books I’ve read by Hannah. I usually like to “attach” myself to a character in a novel…but I couldn’t relate to anyone in this book. I have 2 hours left to listen ….looking forward to finishing it. I like routines too….I’m getting there with making new ones. Thanks!


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