Dreaming of Hawaii

I tried my hand at some songwriting  last week, inspired by a ukulele sitting on my kitchen counter. My husband told me to keep my day job. Still, I like that it prompts some cherished and warm memories in the cold darkness of winter. We’ve been to the Hawaiian islands three times in the last ten years, twice to Maui and once to Kauai. Can you tell I’d like to go back? Tell me what places inspire you in the comments! Thanks!


Kapalua Beach, Maui, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015


Come along to Hawaii with me,

We’ll find a nice beach by the sea,

a safety zone where the lava does not flow,

and we’ll be safe from the volcano’s blow.


A cove in Kapalua is a place I know,

where it can only be a stone’s throw

to rainbows on the water so blue,

and sand so soft it, your worries are few.


Everyday, the rhythmic waves lull our

minds to slow, sleepy hours spent on

sun soaked lands, mesmerized by a

turquoise liquid lapping on the sands.


Beneath the clear blue water, so deep

coral is alive but maybe asleep while

vibrant fish swim to and fro, darting away

from the visitor’s enthusiastic glow.


Danger can lurk there too, pufferfish,

eels, and hammerhead sharks,

all warn to stay away, while you wish

for a glimpse but not to be their prey.


Turtles and dolphins play off the shore,

their friendliness is something us

humans adore. Smiling faces they both

seem to have, as we long for a photo or

the trip will be a bust.


Surfers, snorkelers, and hikers too,

arrive to the tropical islands that imbue

a sense of peace, relaxation, and serenity for

more than a few.


So Come Along to Hawaii with me,

and you’ll see a tropical paradise

that I hope remains this way for all to see.


West Maui Mountains Rainbow, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2015


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday, where we can share our writing with other like-minded authors that enjoy the process and are supportive to one another. Thank you goes to TwoWritingTeachers.org for your innovation of this wonderful community of writers.






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