Poetry Friday: Connecting

I wonder……

How do you connect with people?

Do you go to them,

or do they come to you?

Are you an Organizer,

or a Participant,

or Both?

Do you like to talk face to face

or send an email?

Do you meet for coffee in a public place

or at your kitchen table?

Are you a visitor?

Or, are you the visited?

Do you handwrite notes and

send them by snail mail?

Or, is an email good enough?

It is your way or the highway?

Or, meeting in the middle?

Are you a leader

a follower, or both?

Do you speak out or

do you hold your tongue?

A Hugger? A Handshaker? Or, Neither?

Are you frigid or fiery?

Do you call or

wait to be called?

Lunch Dates? Breakfast Dates?

Or, just coffee?

Dinner or Drinks?


It can be easy or hard, depending on how the

connectors fit together in the puzzle of life.


Today is Poetry Friday. This week’s round-up is hosted by

My Juicy Little Universe — Optional theme: Climate Change.

I was unaware of the optional theme until after I wrote the above poem.

Thanks for hosting.

7 thoughts

  1. So many questions? Thought provoking. A few months ago, I read a report of a longitudinal research study that found that those who took time to converse with people throughout their day, lived healthier and longer lives than those who did not. Hmmm?


  2. Very nice to meet you, Carol! Your poem reminded me that whichever way we connect, we are all pieces of the pi, the circle, the puzzle. Just as well that we’re not unifix cubes, fitting togther in only one way!

    PS You should never worry about not knowing if there’s a Poetry Friday theme…we are all free spirits here and it’s only ever a choice to go along with the host’s suggestion!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thinking about the Poetry Friday community, I believe that the individual members are “connectors fitting together in the puzzle of poetic life”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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