Poetry Friday: Shiny Baubles

What sparkles for you?

Is it Sapphires, Rubies, or Opals, too?

Diamonds, Emeralds, & Tanzanite all

bringing out reflected rays of light.


Or do you prefer the more natural scenes

of crystal clear lakes, a jagged snow-capped mountain range, or

a prairie meadow dancing with butterflies caught on a breeze?


Some shiny baubles are costly and others are free.

The ones you care for depends on who you want to be.


Today starts my summer jewelry season. I know it is only March 22nd, but the gallery in Iowa to which I consign my creations for the summer needs inventory lists from artists by April 1st.  I do have some new creations which I will take, but will be more conservative in what I consign.  The thought of taking an inventory of my jewelry creations inspired the poem above.

Today is also Poetry Friday! Thanks to Sloth Reads who is hosting today’s roundup!  She has written a great poem on the importance of play! You should really go check it out. As she reminds us, it’s National Goof Off Day.

8 thoughts

  1. Love your baubles poem. Tanzanite is my fave. My husband got me a beautiful ring, but then I lost the stone while roller skating one sad day!!

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