Poetry Friday: Birds of Prey

I spy a Short Eared Owl nestled in the Grasslands,

three Great Blue Herons hiding in the cold Marsh,

six Bald Eagles sitting on the ice as the sun soon melts,

a single hawk hovering over a dry creek bed,

seeking a tiny moving morsel for its morning meal.

For these are the Birds of Prey I see today.


I hear a Great Horned Owl, hoo-hooing before the morning’s light.

Wondering where he’s hid himself, I raise the blinds to sight.

Nowhere to be found, only heard by those who stop to take a listen.

Hoo-hoo. There he is again, teasing me with his call.

Before I know it, a swooping sound and feathers all around – maul,

maul, mauling, a rabbit baby, oh so small.


Rapturous Raptors carrying off their prey,

Oh, to live just another day!

Sharp talons grab and dig so deep,

escaping is not possible, only eternal sleep.


The web of life carries out its cycle,

Life, Death, Life Again.

Sequence, Succession, Circle, Loop

Whatever you call it, we Live, we Die,

just as the Raptors do, as do their Prey.


Then, there is Spring! A time of regeneration

and growth. Eggs, nest, babies, and fledglings.

The cycle starts anew.



Today is Poetry Friday! Our host this week for the round up is the blog you will find at Carol’s Corner! Thank you for hosting this great weekly forum in which lovers of poetry can share their craft and share in the craft of others!



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