Unfortunately, I had a 24 hour period of illness this week….vomiting, and malaise. It might have been an ocular migraine due to a visual disturbance that occured prior to being nauseated or perhaps it was food poisoning. But, no matter what the cause, it was the pits! Like most people,  I hate being ill.  It interrupts what I feel I have to get done – and this week it was a lot! I also always feel I am letting people down when I am ill. This time it not only included my family, but my boss, my friend, and  a whole school of children. The timing could not have been worse!

I had a presentation scheduled to do at one of our local elementary schools and had to cancel my appearance due to the illness. This is embarrassing, but would have been more so if I had gone and gave less than my best or had to rush out to the bathroom and vomit!  Luckily, my presentation was given by the school staff since I had it on powerpoint and had all my handouts, including seed packets of milkweed, ready to go.


I heard the young librarian who stood in for me did a great job! I will have to do something special for her and my teacher friend who helped coordinate what to do in my absence.

Tis the season for illness! I heard the flu season was one of the longest ever – lasting over the usual amount of time it takes to come and go. And, last night on the news, I heard that there was another child in our state that succumbed to the flu this week. Awful!  In light of all that, my 24 hour period of nausea and vomiting was not too bad!

By last night, I felt good enough to transplant my small lot of yellow pear tomato and basil seedlings. As an accomplished gardener, I am not great at starting seeds, but since our cats are no longer with us, (may they rest in peace) I have done better in the last two years.  The success breeds a desire to plant more seeds and watch them sprout into young seedlings. Perhaps, I see the process as a metaphorical one that applies to my life.


Nurturing young students (seedlings) to grow (into productive plants), so that the cycle of life provide nourishment and continue!  What better way to spend my time?!


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