May: A Month of Projects

My husband and I always have projects going. This spring we have many. One of the projects I mentioned in previous posts was ripping up the flooring in the lower level of our home.  We had berber carpeting that needed to be replaced due to pet damage. The project is about a month old, and we are probably about half way through.  We chose a bamboo laminate that tonally matches the oak trim in our house.  About half the floor is installed, with the other half awaiting delivery of the flooring. We also need to re-trim the walls where the old moulding was removed. It is a big project but my husband is handy, so I am confident it will look nice when it is finished. I just need to be patient in getting to that point. Piles have been arranged and rearranged, making room for our middle son to come home from college at the end of the week. Much of what needed to be stored was placed in his room, as he was not here when the project started. Now, that has been cleared and another space has been occupied by “stuff.”



My husband has a custom furniture order for a Bavarian style table and 8 chairs. This has been a huge project as well, and is nearing completion. He is painting (formerly, sacrilege for us lovers of wood) the chairs now. They are mint green. The trend right not is to have “painted furniture.” The whole set is very unusual and not at all like the furniture he’s made to fill our home or sell at art festivals in summers’ past.  We tend towards mission style furniture or arts and crafts style furniture like Stickley. Wood, to us, is a beautiful product not to be tainted by paints. The natural grain and coloration of the wood is preserved in most of my husband’s previous pieces. Those pieces included oak, hickory, cherry, sassafras, maple, and aspen. They are timeless and classic.

But, soon, we will have gardens to tend. The grass (3.25 acres minus some extensive garden beds) was cut for the first time over the weekend. Tulips and daffodils are blooming, and the leaves on the trees are just starting to leaf out.  I keep looking for my milkweed to erupt, knowing that means the monarchs are not far behind. As of 4 p.m. today, none had germinated, yet.  I will probably look everyday until it sprouts…..after all, I want to be an accurate citizen scientist!


Fresh plants abound at every store imaginable. Seeing them reminds me that I have 370 students waiting to plant with me this month. The plants we will use to beautify a peace pole garden at their school have been grown by a teenager with his own horticultural passion.

I have prairie plant seeds to start. I know I am late in doing so but just got the sand necessary to provide moist stratification.  I want to use these plants in a garden bed here as well as on some new property we purchased this winter. So, time is on my side.

The new property needs attention, too. Exactly how we will tackle this, remains to be seen. Slowly, a plan will develop and involve our spare time to turn it into reality.

And, then, there is decorating the newly floored rooms in our home. I am a slow decorator, as I like to take my time in finding the “right” piece to adorn the floor or walls. I am telling myself that I need to concentrate on getting it done this time, instead of getting it “right.”  “Rightness” is too subjective. Having it “done” will allow us to use and enjoy the space.


May has typically been a busy month for me. It always signalled the end of the school year, the commencement of the gardening season, the renewal of seasonal allergies,  and a pending transition to summer schedules. I do not see it being much different this year. There’s much to be done!





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