Amusement Rides: What kind do you like?

On Sunday night, something made me think of amusement rides. I had just found out that someone could help with an event that I have been worried about, and although happy, it made my feel a little like I was on a roller coaster.

The thought of that analogy led to thoughts of what I enjoyed as a ride when I went to an amusement park like Cedar Point in Ohio (many large roller coasters) or even Walt Disney World in Florida.

Roller coasters have never been my favorite. I have been to some parks with quite large or even famous coasters. But, in truth, I am not a thrill seeker. Usually, my back ends up hurting from being tossed about this way and that during the quick turns and rapid descents.  I usually end up screaming the entire ride and praying I’ll be able to get off the thing at the end.  Obviously, I have been able to do just that. I am alive and well after years of appeasing my growing boys on coaster rides.

But, looking back, I always gravitated to calmer, more placid rides such as the merry go round or carousel and ferris wheel.  These rides do not thrill, they entertain in a predictable sort of way. The brightly painted animals of a carousel make one choose which one to mount. Round and round you go, looking for your loved one or those passing by as you ride. The ferris wheel is somewhat scarier in that your car might swing in mid-air when they load and unload, keeping you at the top for longer than you wish.

Still, they are not unpredictable or all that exciting.  The other night, I began to think the amusement ride you prefer might be an analogy for the type of events one might like to have in  their life. Do you like structure and predictability? Or, do you like high speed and drama climbing high and then knowing you will drop to a new, low depth or turn a corner and have everything change?  I definitely prefer the former. I like the constancy of the merry-go-round or ferris wheel, where there might still be some thrills, definitely some joy of riding and still some relief when getting off. But, none of the effects of these two rides match the highs and lows of the roller coaster. And, if you never get on one, you will definitely miss out. It was a hard choice but the evidence was clear. I never hesitated to get on a merry go round or ferris wheel. The roaster coaster has, and still does, cause me to pause.

What amusement ride do you prefer and do you think the one you prefer is a good match for your personality type?  I know I am perfectly fine sticking with the rides that go round and round instead of speeding up and down with unpredictability!


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