A Celebration of American Art

Part of my family is on a trip to Washington D.C. to celebrate art. After arriving yesterday, we relearned the ins and outs of the metro rail. We arrived at our hotel, ate a late lunch, and headed out into the city in late afternoon. Our first stop?

The American Art Museum! We neglected to tour this building on our last trip to our Nation’s capitol. But, since this is a trip to celebrate art and artistic accomplishments, it was an apropos choice.

The museum features portraitures of some of the most famous Americans, including a wing of just our Presidents, from George Washington though The very modern hibiscus covered portrait of Obama. While President Obama is a distinguished gentleman, we all find his portrait odd.

Personally, I was thrilled to see a portrait of my favorite president, John Adams! This farmer turned lawyer turned politician is a fascinating, and intelligent individual who stood by his values which did not always work in his favor. If there was anyone in history I’d like to go back and meet, it’s John Adams!

Not only were there portals of famous people, there were portraits by famous people. We saw an Andy Warhol, and an Andrew Wyeth, to name two.

There were paintings of famous places as well. Some striking familiar chords such as the one of the grain elevators in Buffalo, New York and many of Niagara Falls over the years.

There were huge paintings that took up entire walls. Three really impressive ones were of our vast, untouched landscapes of our past. Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon were so absorbing, you felt transported in time and place when looking at them.

Finally, the outside of the museum is adorned by a wonderful sculpture that, to me, signified the American spirit- wild, untamed, curious, and brave. We are a people of all those things and more – a country filled will tremendous spirit and talent – for the art tells this story so well!

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  1. I’m going to D.C. this summer and was wondering if I should include this place on my list…there are SO many museums to see I must pick and choose. I’m inspired to see this one. 🙂 Thank you!


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