Do You Remember Joe Namath?

Do you remember Joe Namath?

I am dating myself with this post. But, while we travelled back to the mid-west last week from Washington D.C., we lad a layover in Chicago’s Midway Airport. I don’t think we’ve ever travelled through Midway before, but our flights (4 of 6) were hosted by Southwest Airlines for this trip, so we did not argue. It was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of O’Hare. Although Southwest’s crowded terminals are slightly uncomfortable.

My husband does not like to sit and wait so he walks if there is a layover between flights. Our layover wasn’t long but long enough to have a snack and wait. So, the waiting part included a walk for him. A full week later, when we were home, he said, “I forgot to tell you, I saw Joe Namath when we were waiting for our flight to Minneapolis.”

Obviously shocked by this news, I replied, “What? Where?”

Our curious, twenty-year-old said, “Who’s that?”

My husband went on to describe one of the most famous quarterbacks in NFL history.  Growing up in New York State, it was unavoidable to not know of Joe Namath. He was everywhere. On the television for Sunday games and on commercials, too. I specifically remember a Noxzema commercial with him in it. However, being from Western New York, we were truly more Bill’s fans than followers of the more successful and famous Jets. It never hurts to root for the underdog, you know!

I mentioned these memories to a girlfriend last Tuesday night and she thanked me for helping her remember things that brought a smile to her face before leaving after our weekly chat. Specifically, it was a memory of a Noxzema commercial Namath was in that brought on her reaction.


 Joe Namath + Noxzema = Good Memories!

I seem to remember a commercial with him in it and the song The Stripper (frequently played by marching bands) being played in the background. I started humming it and couldn’t give up until I went onto You Tube to find it. There were many commercials including Joe Namath, but none I found with him and The Stripper music.

Noxzema Shaving Cream, pantyhose, and more were featured in the commercials. Some alone, some with other famous people such as Farrah Fawcett. Commercials, at least those I found, were bad back then in the mid-1970’s. But, surprisingly, some of the language used then and the word’s connotations, would not be used in today’s ultra-judgmental society.  Still, they were fun to look back at.

If you are interested, you can go to YouTube and look for yourself. Or, just google “Joe Namath commercials.”

My husband described walking past Namath, who must be in his 80’s by now, taking a double look, and having the man himself give my husband a confirmatory nod.  It seems he appreciated being able to now travel incognito. However, if I had been with my husband, I would have asked him for his autograph on an airport napkin or the Dunkin’ Donuts box from which we ate our snacks!

Although I’ve never sought an autography before, I might be fun to have Namath’s, if not for his football prowess, but for the smile that comes to my face thinking of the commercials he was in while I was growing up!









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