Space Explorations

A Child’s Memory

I don’t know about you, but I love all this stuff about space.  There’s been many stories in the news lately due the the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I was five. I remember being glued to the television set to watch something that seemed so incredible it was hard to believe!

Men had landed on the moon!


Fifty years later, it is still awe-inspiring to think we had people brave enough to attempt and succeed at such a feat.

It’s unfortunate but despite my interest in the subject and fond memories, I have yet to watch any of the PBS space themed specials that are being broadcast this month.  By the time I sit down to watch T.V. at night, I’ve forgotten about these programs. I’m tired and I only watch about an hour of T.V. a day. At this time of year, it might not be even that long because everything seems to be repeated episodes.  And, no, I am not a binge watcher.

There’s always yard work to do, jewelry to make, kids to get after, housework to catch up on….you get the idea. But, I am promising myself to take time to watch these broadcasts.

Americans and Russian Astronauts Worked Together

A little more than three years ago my youngest son, then in 8th grade, did his National History Day Project on on the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. This was also an interesting topic, as it followed the period of time after the Apollo missions that our American public seems to know more about. But, this mission, in itself, was also ground breaking. Two competing super powers were working together! The astronauts served as great role models for their countries as well as the entire world! Even today, it is not an uncommon philosophy that more can be accomplished when people work together.

Employing Awe as a Teaching Tool

Often, when teaching, I employ the science of awe to engage my audience – whether they be children or adults.  The subject of space and space travel is still awe inspiring. In that vein, I am suggesting some writing prompts about space and space travel as possible enrichment exercises for late summer or even early in the school year.

Who hasn’t dreamt of being an astronaut and traveling to far off worlds? Do kids still dream that way today? I don’t know but it might be interesting to find out!


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