The Cat in the Hat!

My son was the Cat –

The Cat in the Hat!

This shy timid boy, sang and danced the stage

for musical theater became his bag.

Thing One and Thing Two turned out to be cool,

friends of son three who was never a fool.

To be in a musical for all to see, springing a character to

life, as charming and as guile as could be. On stage,

he danced with friends who knew him to be,

not a sneaky cat with tricks up his sleeve. But, a smart,

kind boy who knew music so well,

he’ll live on in our hearts as that cat who makes our love swell.

Singing with Jojo, Thing One and Thing Two, the rest of the cast

sprinkled some magic too.

This Cat came to life with his stripped topper and matching red bow.

For you know if they say the cat is in town,  for us it means

Charlie is around!


This post is part of a blog writing challenge hosted by Brave and Reckless. During the month of July, the Brave and Reckless blog challenged other writer’s to use children’s book title prompt to write a piece in thirty minutes or less.   I couldn’t resist today’s prompt when I saw it was The Cat in the Hat!

4 thoughts

  1. Love the book, love that Charlie embodied such a task and challenge that will forever be in your heart, and I love how you create a work of art with your words!

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