Some of the Bluest Water Ever!

We’ve been very lucky to visit some places in the world with very beautiful clear turquoise blue water. Until this week, Bermuda held the place in my heart that had the bluest, most clear, and beautiful water. I have to admit there are sentimental reasons for these feelings too. I’ve been to Bermuda three times so far in my life. Yes, I plan to go back!

But, today I was privileged to spend time at Lake Louise in Banff National Park in the Canadian Provence of Alberta. I thought that was fantastic but then we headed up the road to Moraine Lake! Wow! These two glacier fed lakes are very, very beautiful.

We started our morning early, about 6:30 a.m. going to find a parking spot at the popular lakes in Banff National Park. After a quick fast food breakfast and a 46 kilometer trip through low laying cloud and chilled air, it soon become apparent that we would being taking a shuttle to spend some time at Lake Louise. But, being hopefully optimistic, we passed the first park and ride lot sign we saw and drive onward. Shortly, we saw young Canadian Park Rangers telling us what we already knew. Turn around and head back to the park and ride for the shuttle. We did as we were told, without question.

By 7:45 a.m. we were lined up for the shuttle with turned out to be a fleet of school buses! We arrived at Lake Louise with the sun starting to peak through. The glistening blue water was mesmerizing! Photos were immediately in order, not only for use but for hundreds of other visitors. Finally, we weaseled our way to the shoreline to grab a few less than memorable shots due to the crowd. My husband quickly ventured over to the canoe rental building and soon our morning was planned! We’d be spending some time paddling Lake Louise!

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