Getting Ready for a Puppy!

It is a Friday at the end of August. You can imagine how busy it is, even if you don’t have students headed back to school. I had the day off and my husband is retired, so we decided to have lunch out and do a few errands. If we weren’t having so much fun shopping for a new addition to our family, I think the crazed back to school shopping atmosphere would have driven us home!

But, it didn’t! We are getting a puppy on Tuesday! It’s so exciting!

Just over two years ago both of our cats died – about two months apart. I’ve written about this before because it was painful. They were brothers, from the same litter in a small farming community south of where we live. I loved our cats very much. Recently, I’ve been dropping hints at getting another set of cats. But, for many reasons – most of which were related to my husband being the cleanup person after they made a mess in the house after a visit from our neighbor’s cat, he was definite that we could not have any more felines.

But, then about 10 days ago something changed. We got home from vacation and were sitting around after dinner when my husband showed me a photo of a litter of puppies. “What do you think?” he said.

My reply was made in laughter to hide my irritation, “What do you mean, what do I think? They’re adorable. Why are you teasing me?”

Looking somewhat hurt he replied, “I’m not. I’m asking if you would like one?”

Well, YEAH, of course, I want one!

The puppy’s owner from the first litter never returned our call. But, this past Tuesday I get a text from my husband saying he found some Yellow Lab puppies in Green Bay! A whole litter, again. A picture (the one below) was sent to confirm the cuteness factor. A definite yes came from me! This time the owner got right back to my husband. There was one left – not any different than the others, just as good, but just the last one left. And, she could be ours!


That day, on Tuesday, on the way home from work, I went to the bookstore and bought two books on doggie training! These are just to get us started.  I still plan to take her to obedience school.  We were just doing what most new prospective parents do and that is to prepare for our new family member.


So, Molly – as we have already named her, comes home on Tuesday! Today, my husband and I bought her crate, her leash, her bowls, her treats, her toys, and a stake for outside. I’ve been cleaning – to bring a dog home! We know where we’ll keep her and that taking her outside to do her duty will require a lot of time around the clock, at first. We intend to be firm but loving parents and are so excited to welcome Molly to our family!



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