From Sweet Pup to Taz in the Blink of an Eye!

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since we got a puppy. Her name, as you might already know, is Molly. She’s a yellow labrador – now 11 weeks old. Has our life changed since her addition? You bet!

My husband has made the most progress with her. She can sit, lay down, stay, fetch, and come on his command. He is working on having the dog drop “it” when told.  We need to work on off and drop it.


She thinks she’s clever…heading out of our garage entrance and grabbing a sneaker, shoe, cleat or boot on the way out to do her duty in the garden. Yesterday, I was distracted by something and had left my rubber boots near the garage door after walking her. Just a few seconds later, I turned around and saw her biting my boot on her “blanket!”  Her blanket is where she takes everything – from chew toys to her stuffed fox, and a raw-hide bone doll that she flings around so violently like it is a piece of lightweight paper.

“You stinker!” I cried after I saw what she had.

But, secretly, I was laughing as I grabbed my boot away and replaced it in the garage after giving her an alternative toy.

IMG_7944 (1).jpg

This afternoon she retrieved her leash from another room and gave it to my husband by dropping it at his feet, requesting a walk outside.  It was really cute.




And, full of joyful play. But, as puppies do, she cannot seem to control her excitement after she gets going. And, when she does get going, as she did this morning before I left for work, I have to admit I was a little afraid of her. In the blink of an eye, less than a few seconds, Molly got a certain look and could easily have been mistaken for a Tasmanian Devil!  Even my husband has noticed this rapid change.


She does not seem to listen to my commands very well.  At this point, when I ask her to do something like dropping a pillow or stop barking, she doesn’t – at least not all, or even, most of the time. So the time I spend with her sometimes ends up trying to keep the Taz at bay rather than train Molly, the dog.

We do love her already. And, as I alluded earlier in my post, there have been changes in our home.  We now have occasional barking inside the house, rather than hearing it across our backyard. We are now regularly up before it gets light and can be found outside before breakfast is eaten or lunches are packed. We have been catching a nap when the puppy naps, for we are all tired.

I am thinking about safety during much of my waking hours at home. Walking in our yard poses many dangers right now for our puppy. We have sticks from trees being trimmed, apples on the ground that have fallen from the trees, decomposed rubber tree surrounds, and lots of dirt. And, our yard is neatly kept! Imagine if it wasn’t!  She doesn’t seem inhibited by any outside encounters.


Inside,  she is still afraid of our stairs and needs help to navigate them. Hopefully, she’ll get used to them soon. For now, we carry her. Soon, she’ll be too heavy.

We now walk a small beast on a leash and pick up her poops. As my husband used to say, if there are any aliens watching us, they must think the dogs are the ones in charge. And, maybe they are!


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