Poetry Friday: Meaningful Monarchs

Today is Poetry Friday and since I spent much of my week educating school children about Monarchs and their habitat, I thought I would write a poem about this wonderfully unique creature. Poetry Friday is sponsored by the Teacher Dance Blog this week. Thank you for hosting this wonderful community of writers.

Meaningful Monarchs

Meaningful Monarch
An icon for all,
Indicator Species
No Matter how small

Twenty Years of sustaining
Your Habitat
Makes me Happy,
And Proud of that.

Hundreds of children
In awe of your change
From larva to butterfly
You have a large range

A story that is miraculous
To say the least,
Metamorphosis is one thing
But also a lengthy migration
For such a tiny beast.

Marvelous monarchs
On milkweed you depend,
For we all need food
That can get us around the bend.

The road is long from here to there
A Mexican Siesta awaits in the Forest far from here.
Resting in trees high away from any bear,
An awesome sight for the many that care.

Millions of monarchs
I hope you return
To fill our lives with joy,
Not concern.

I wish you well on your journey
My iconic friend.
The winter will pass quickly and
I’ll see you again!



9 thoughts

  1. It must have been a wonderful week telling all about these amazing monarchs, Often the story feels miraculous to me, too. FYI, your link on the blog is not working, may want to try again!

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