The Road Ends

Sometimes you get to explore the road not taken.

Initially, you are excited you decided to travel a more unusual path

and the opportunity is embraced.

But, as you travel you find that the path you were on previously

might have been the right road all along. 

There were fewer potholes and cracks to pull you in.

The old road provided sustenance for your soul and

resulted in an uplifted spirit

rather than a downtrodden mope.

On the old path, you knew you made a difference.

But, you continue on the new path, thinking

that you’ll eventually find your way.

Some days are bright and shiny.

On those days, the old path holds no attraction.

But, the bright and shiny days are few.

Your decisions are questioned along the way,

creating some hills to traverse.

It makes you long for the old path.

As you go, you begin wondering where you are,

what you are doing, and

how to get back to the well-worn road.

Your passion has not waned,

it just is not visible any longer.

You cannot make them see it.

Only you know it is there and must be

seen by others again.

Finally, you reach a point,

another fork in the road.

You are sure you recognize this place.

It is your old road.

The new road ends!

You can return to the path

you had traveled before.

Welcome home.

Now, continue on your way.

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay


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