A Written Sunday Post: No Internet = No Blog for a Saturday

We took off to our cabin on Friday afternoon for the weekend. Just my husband and I went with our dog, Molly.  She’s still a puppy and this was only her second time at the cabin. In the last few years, we’ve gone to our timberframe home in the Northwoods less and less. The boys got busier, and so did we.  Eventually, we started going without the boys because they were old enough to stay home and fulfill their obligations – work and social – without our supervision.  Getting there more often has become a priority for my husband and me – so we took off for the weekend after deciding to do so on Wednesday.

Up until recently, I had to worry about not having internet at our cabin. For a few years, I had graduate school assignments to complete while we were there. My whole degree was online!  But, we do not have cable or internet service at the cabin.  We barely have cell phone service that will give us a signal.  I would do as much as I could without the internet and then drive thirty minutes to the nearest town, sit in the public library, and finish up or submit my assignment. This habit started soon after we built as one of our sons always seemed to be taking an online course (as long ago as 2007).

But, all that was okay. Besides the adaption required to complete homework assignments, we learned to adjust to this lack of conductivity over the years and bring things to do that did not require access to the World Wide Web.  We have a television and DVD player, as well as a CD player that will give us some AV entertainment when we want it. But, other than that, we go without connection to the world. And, this is a welcome respite from the 24/7 barrage of information and input.

Instead, we complete puzzles, play card games, play pool or ping-pong and read books. In nice weather, we swim, fish, hike, and sit around the campfire. Sometimes, I bring my jewelry making materials. And, recently our youngest son has even painted at the cabin. My husband always has projects to do that involve home improvement or repair.

But, despite this, it always amazes me how relaxed I can feel at the cabin.  It seems like it would be a perfect place to do some writing, but I never seem to get to it. And, that’s exactly what happened this weekend. I had the intention to work on a lot of things – most of which involved writing, but the best I did was to start our Christmas letter and a yearbook message to our graduating senior. The rest of the time was spent napping, reading, hiking, cooking, or cleaning out cupboards.  It was totally enjoyable, and I have to admit that a large part of the enjoyment is being unplugged!

So, it didn’t dawn on me until this morning that I had not blogged yesterday! I guess knowing there was no internet, I did not worry about writing a blog post.  But, here I am – at home again, our visit to the cabin complete – and the first thing I do is write my blog. It seems it is important after all – I just seem to need a way to spread my word after I write it to enable me to get it done! And, so it is! Happy Sunday!

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