Creative Break

Much of our Thanksgiving break has given way to creativity. Our youngest, an artist by self-proclamation and pubic opinion,  held a Harry Styles give away via Instagram. He had 1,600 people tag this celebrity in hopes to win a drawing of him that our son completed a few days ago.  He moved on to a project bestowed upon him by his soccer coach – painting peonies – for his newborn daughter’s bedroom.

Yesterday, I made five pairs of earrings and two bracelets, as part of my continuing handcrafted jewelry business. I am moving towards a higher-end product, so pink freshwater pearls were used to make a classically beautiful necklace and pair of earrings. Today, I was posting them to my Etsy shop after fixing a temporarily debilitating photoshop issue

My middle son has been working on an entirely handmade product using a  CNC machine, aluminum bezels, and resin. He is truly an entrepreneur and has entirely taught himself the skills needed for this creative project of his making. Along with working, he has tweaked this product and an accompanying website to enable his sales. Months of work paid off last week when he had his first official sales.

My husband always has a creative project underway. He just completed custom end-tables for a customer he met during a juried art show this summer. They were solid black walnut. Currently, he’s been gutting and remodeling the bathroom of a friend. He was there again today, placing ceramic tiles.

Our oldest son was home for almost a week (Sunday – Saturday), heading back to graduate school today. He finished a project for his Master’s degree to be conferred later this month. But, as  Ph.D. student, he’s always got something more on his plate.  His week-long break consisted of tweaking a paper on his project for publication and playing some piano.  The lone musician in our progeny, he warms the house with the sounds of piano, which included the theme song from Dowton Abby on this visit.

It’s been a great break from routine. Tomorrow is our last day of respite and pursuit of creative interests at our leisure. Our holiday visitor, my sister-in-law, will leave on Monday as our youngest returns to his senior year at the high school.  I, for one, am looking forward to a return to routine.

It’s been two weeks since I was at the YMCA, and although I continue to trim some pounds off my weight, I am actually looking forward to returning to the gym. I also need to return to the library to work on my own creative writing pursuits. The next month will go fast, but with travel completed (for a while anyway), I am looking forward to more time to create.

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