Escaping False Pretense

Today was just a great day! I felt relaxed and accomplished. I have a new venture on the horizon that I am excited about. It has taken a fair amount of work, but I’ve never been shy about doing what it takes to get a job done!  My venture will launch soon – within the next day or two.

I also have to say that I am surer than ever that I made the right choice in leaving the position that I held for most of last year.  Absolutely none of my suggestions were taken about the upcoming events for this year, as can be evidenced by the public calendar recently displayed by this organization. Why? I am not so sure. I know there are lots of moving parts as well as a new person in the position.  I am sure some of that accounts for the lack of change. But, for me, it really tells the true story.  It is truly hard for an organization to change, even if the leadership says it wants to. Suggestions for change were made and some were put into action prior to my leaving. But, even those suggestions are not being acted upon. I’m sure, if asked, a reason would be provided but none would satisfy me. It comes down to walking the talk. And, it just is not done much these days.

Everywhere you look – really look – these days, actions are taken under the guise of improvement. But, what a careful observer might note is that many times the efforts to improve are just a show. Actions are taken to make stakeholders and, yes even staff, believe in an organization’s desire for change or improvement.  But, then, nothing happens to implement the desire for change. Action stops short of taking shape. Our political system is a case in point. Neither side is taking steps to move forward. It’s all about positioning, re-election, and partisanship instead of what is truly best for our country. I think there’s a lot of false pretense in that system especially.

Old habits and schedules (or events) are fallen back on for one reason or another. It comes down to just being an easier way out.  I know change is hard. It is hard for me, even when I can see it is the best option.  But, when good ideas for change are not taken up by leadership, an organization suffers.  Membership falls, people become disenchanted and might leave or concentrate efforts elsewhere.

The other thing I noted recently is that a good idea is often not attributed to those who have them.  An idea I proposed in my former workplace is now being implemented! I should be happy, but I am more likely to be questioning.  Really?!  Why now?  I am sure no one remembers that I proposed exactly what is being done. I’m not even sure anyone (with the exception of one person) knew I had proposed the idea. The credit now goes to one who has the power to actually implement the idea. That’s too bad because without adequate support and positive reinforcement of valuable ideas – problem-solving ideas – no matter who they come from – creativity gets squashed and the person contributing ideas gets alienated. And, then they stop contributing. I have had it happen to me, personally, and I also have seen it happen to others, as well!

I am a straightforward person. If given a job, I will do it. If told a fact or given a request, I will remember it. I will act on it. I will be organized and productive with the implementation of tasks. And, I can even be fairly flexible if the desired task changes. But, if the disseminated tasks are not truly wanted. Or, worse, not remembered by those charging the tasks, then it’s not worth my time. I do not run on pretense. Nope, I don’t.

I have faults too, don’t get me wrong. I wear my emotions on my sleeve (or face). And, I am a perfectionist, which has both positive and negative outcomes. But, I know that I can get a job done and the best way to do that is to rely on myself and my own strengths.  No politics, no looking for recognition or even support, and absolutely no false pretense, just self-satisfied knowing that I am trying my best for myself and our community.

A new venture awaits. I am excited for I know I am staying true to my standards and to myself.



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