Staying Healthy

Today, I am inspired to write a short post about staying healthy. As I have written before, staying healthy has become more of a priority for me as a woman of 50, plus. Going to the YMCA is becoming a regular routine. I actually find myself looking forward to going! I think that part of that is that we have finally taken the “rush” out of our morning routine. I am slow to waken and kind of grumpy until fully awake following a pretty predictable routine that includes having my cup of hot tea, breakfast biscuits, and washing up.

My routine at the Y includes walking a brisk pace on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Today, I started also using a rowing machine, which I found I enjoyed. I also like the fact that it will help tone my arms and maybe by spring I’ll be in slightly better shape than I am now.

But, while we’ve been visiting the YMCA, I’ve noticed some habits of others.  Some, like wiping down the machines when you get on as well as when you get off, inspired me to do the same.  But, others, like getting off a machine like a treadmill, and walking away without nary a glance let alone a wipe down is disturbing.

Blurbs about the coronavirus are glancing across multiple TV monitors and yet, I witnessed several people fail to take simple precautions to keep our community healthy. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the same two young ladies (25-35 years of age) fail to wipe off their equipment after using it.  I am not sure what to do about it, other than to provide some reminders on how to avoid the spread of illness.

Here are some tips for staying healthy:

Wash your hands.

Avoid touching your face.

Cough into your elbow.

Sanitize your gym equipment before and after use.

Avoid water fountains.

Use refillable water bottles with water from home.

Wipe down your gym equipment before AND after use.

Wipe down your grocery cart handle prior to use.

Wipe down your cell phone after placing it on a public surface.

Get enough sleep (7-8 hours each night)

Get out in the sunshine.

Eat well, including lots of fruits and vegetables.

Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse or car or backpack.

Get a flu shot.

Stay up to date on vaccinations.

Pretty simple, huh? I think the list contains some very easy things which, if done, will help you to stay healthy during a time of year when it is probably easier to become ill. The cold weather keeps us all inside in quarters that might become too close or too easily contaminated with viruses.  Be conscious of what you touch and in the very least, wash your hands! Here’s to your health!

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

2 thoughts

  1. I’m always impressed with people who are able to get into a good gym routine. I keep trying, but life gets in the way! Like today….I went out for drinks with a colleague when I should have been on the treadmill!!! Ugh! The list of healthy tips is a really good reminder. Simple things like wiping down your phone can really help to keep us healthy. Thanks!

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    1. Ha! I am definitely not one to be impressed with when it comes to setting an exercise routine. I always, always get pulled away from it too. But, as I age (mid-50’s) I am realizing that I need to stay in shape. I was always underweight. But, now I more easily put on the pounds, so I want to be sure I am doing something to combat that and stay healthy. Those thoughts keep me going! Plus, my husband is really, really good at setting an exercise routine and getting it done, so I have a good example to follow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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