Lava Lamps

Everyone in my immediate family has gone through a “lava lamp stage.” By this, I just mean that at one point or another, in time, we have all desired or had a lava lamp.  My oldest was fascinated with these for a while. He had one in his room, given to him by either one of his aunts or his grandmother. I believe the “lava” sin this lamp somehow congealed and stopped oozing around its watery home inside of the glass getting stuck at the top to never shapeshift again.


When it came time for our middle son to have one, he took it from the room he shared with his youngest brother when he moved down to the lower level of our home to have a room of his own. There, the lava lamp cast long shadows on the walls of a room without windows. Fearing the lava lamp would overheat, we would often warn him to make sure he turned it off. Consequently, I do not think it got used that much.

Our youngest had a lava lamp nightlight. This was a small version of a tabletop lava lamp that plugged into an outlet to cast a glowing neon light when all else was dark. I don’t remember this light being used much but it was fun to have at first.

I had a lava lamp as a teen. It was orange. I think it was a gift my Dad received and then he let me have it. My sons all had versions of blue or green lava. When I possessed this unique light, they were in vogue. When my son’s possessed them, they were considered “retro.” It was a simple thing that brought pleasure to all of us.

But, on vacation, I learned of another lava lamp. On our first night in Santa Fe, we arrived late.  Upon investigating where to catch a late dinner, we found that most restaurants closed by 9pm. Since we arrived in the dark, we decided to drive to one of the only places open, “Cowgirls.”

Our first day of travel was long, about 16 hours, so we needed to eat and relax. Something on the cocktail menu caught my eye. It was a drink called the Lava Lamp! Consisting of a pilsner beer with a scoop of frozen margarita, it sounded yummy, unusual, and refreshing! I went for it and, wow, it was so delicious!

Lava lamp made with beer and margarita at Cowgirls in Santa Fe. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020

So, now, having gotten past the lava lamps of old, I have found a new “adult” version that relaxes in a different way than oozing colored globs floating around the inside of a glass cone. Next time I’m in Santa Fe, I’ll have to be sure to get another lava lamp! Yum!

Lastly, just out of curiosity, I googled lava lamp drinks this morning. I found out that these drinks were popular in the 1990s!   The version I tried is much less intoxicating than some of the versions that are out there. Just google lava lamp drink and you’ll see!





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