Poetry Friday: Surrounding Santa Fe

Today is Poetry Friday.  I decided to write about Santa Fe, New Mexico as that is where my husband and I just went on vacation.  My posted poems are never fine-tuned, so I hope you find it acceptable. But, along that vein, I think that it might be interesting to pull my poetry posts (not all on Fridays) to work on tightening them up. The other project I am considering is writing a compilation of poems on place.   I think that would be really enjoyable! What do you think?


Surrounding Santa Fe

Oh, Santa Fe, Santa Fe

I would like to take this chance to say,

how much we enjoyed our visit with you,

even though we did not know who

might have art we long to own.

From the beaded wooden vessels shown

to Pueblo pots of clay centuries old,

without even knowing it, we saw history unfold.


Through mountains and lakes and sand dunes, too,

the high desert is what is tamed by you.

Cacti, Caves, and petroglyphs sit clear

in the high cliff dwellings of Bandelier.

The Pueblo people lived a simple life

but a winter visit alludes to some strife.

The cold winds up on a mountain high,

inside the cave, you can see where ancestors would lie.

It is amazing to witness a culture so old,

but helps one understand how all helped share the load.


Hunting, foraging, planting, and gathering, too

while some craftswoman makes your shoe.

Out in the garden, three sisters grow,

planted together just like another clan we know.


Turkey feathers make blankets so warm, and

the fish swim freely in Frijoles Creek, where bees might swarm.

Your homes in a cliff, so hard to believe,

until my own eyes made me conceive

of a an ancient people long ago who made

their lives carved into stone,

working together so as to be not alone.


Oh Santa Fe, oh Santa Fe

Until Next Time,

The Land of Enchantment

is Sublime.


Today’s Poetry Friday Friday is brought to you by Library Matters. Thank you to them for hosting. If you are interested in more poetry, click on the link and check out some of the other submissions!



12 thoughts

  1. A lovely remembrance of your trip to Santa Fe. We visited there more than two decades ago. We still have the clay pot we purchased and my storyteller doll. Th images your poem creates bring back happy memories

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  2. You’ve written about a city that has my heart. I live close so I have been there many times. Every part certainly is enchanting. Bandelier holds a few memories. like the time we were up near those caves and a bear was working hard to eat apples from one of the apple trees. It’s a lovely poem that captures so much of the beauty!

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    1. Thank you so much! A bear! Wow! We did not see much wildlife but did encounter a group of mule deer by the Longhouse eating some of the shrubs. They were very tame! So glad you had some of your own wonderful memroies to recall! Thank you for sharing them!

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  3. I don’t remember being in Santa Fe, at least not in any recent visits to the Southern States, but might have travelled there on a sojourn south in my youth a very long time ago. Your post and poem make we want to visit it now!

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  4. Your poem is a lovely reminder of your trip. I also enjoy writing about places I’ve been and sometimes even get myself together enough to combine them with photos in an album for our trips.

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    1. Thanks for the comment – I’m glad you liked the poem and have thought about place. My photos are all over the place (digitally). I have been able to organize a few of our trips but need to do more. Thanks!


  5. I love the southwest, haven’t been in many years, but your post brought it back to me and made me want to plan a visit. The Land of Enchangment IS sublime! Thanks so much.

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