Treasures Found as the Ice Melts: #SOL20, Day 4/Year 3.

Today, I set out to write a shorter post. I know most of my posts are too long for the Slice of Life Challenge – even though there is no posted minimum or maximum length. I found this to be true from the past two years’ experience. I’ve noted that the posts of others are shorter, thus easier to read, and subsequently garner more comments. But, I am more confident this year, as I know I have my own following of readers, outside the Slicing community. Those readers know my posts average slightly more than 500 words each and are still glad to come, read, and comment.

That said, I do want other slicers to enjoy my posts. So, today I got up not knowing what to write about until I went outside. Right now, in my Wisconsin hometown, it is sunny and 30 degrees. The expected high today is 44, with our area of the state reaching 64 degrees by Sunday! It will be a tropical heatwave for us! It does not take many, if any, days of warm temperatures for Wisconsinites to shed coats, pants, and even socks as winter turns to spring. Even last Saturday, when it was 37 degrees, I noticed a woman walking in the grocery store parking lot without a coat and donning short sleeves! Midwesterners are definitely a hardy bunch!

But, with warmer temperatures, the snow and ice are melting.  Most of us, including myself, are happy about this. But as the whiteness recedes, some treasures are left behind. Just as I passed from the driveway onto the front yard, I began to notice exactly what these treasures were. There, near my feet and frozen still to the remnant patches of ice were some perfectly preserved leaves! They were even glistening in the bright morning sunshine! Brown, not green any longer, they stood out starkly against the white crusty ice like little islands of life.

One leaf caught my attention immediately as I stared down at it! Some kind of oak leaf still had ice crystals adhered to the surface! I stopped stared, photographed, and brought it inside where immediately the ice turned to water droplets.

I thought it was beautiful and knew immediately what I would write about today! Last spring, I had the good fortune to attend a nature writer’s workshop. There, the author/leader encouraged us to notice what was right down beneath our feet instead of looking outward at the vistas that lay in front of us or at a distance. It was definitely a beneficial experience.

And, there at 435 words, I’ll stop for today.

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  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I’m so glad you shared them! And I think you should write for however long it takes to tell your story that day. We don’t mind. I find myself getting lost in other people’s writing. It’s a pleasant way to end my day. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I know I tend to be verbose and have been trying to control that aspect of writing but it is nice to know that some (like you) will read even though my posts might be a little longer than others.


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