A Poem: Not An Optical Migraine Day #SOL20, Day 10/ Year 3.

Upon awakening today I noticed you,

a dull ache over my right eye.

Why have you come?

Why, on such a beautiful day, are you bothering me?

There were no answers.

I didn’t expect any.

Just your presence was enough to make

yourself known; you did not need to provide explanations.


Coffee will cure it, this dull ache in my head – the low intensity

throb, throb, throbbing that makes it hard to concentrate or see.

My thinking was in err. Two cups of tea and two cups of coffee made

no difference to you, still sitting above my right eye.  Obviously,

it is where you plan to stay until I close my eyes for a while –

attempting to shut you out.


But, when I shut you out, I shut out the sun. The bright light signaling spring is

here! Her arrival is what I’ve been waiting for – not yours. But, if I banish you now,

might see the springtime sun later today, for the light is now with us a while longer.




So, into the darkened room I go with my comfort of tea and warmth of a heavy blanket

closing you out, smothering the dull ache above my right eye. I hope for relief to come

soon.  Yes, come soon, relief!


Soon enough, while I can still appreciate the gloriousness of this bright day!




8 thoughts

  1. I am impressed with the flow of this poem, and I am in awe of the fact that you could express this, despite the dull ache. I often wonder if these kinds of things visit us so that we will notice the beauty of the day, appreciate it more because of our suffering. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t diminish your pain! I suffer from migraines too, and I hope you’re feeling better today!

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    1. Thanks so much. I do not get many migraine headaches – just once in a while. This one passed easily after I slept for a couple of hours – I’m fortunate that I could do that! I agree that sometime we suffer so we can appreciate the better things in life! Thanks for your comments & for stopping by!

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