A Free Lesson on Spring Bulbs

My post today will not be too long. I spent time over the last three to four days, and much of this morning, putting together a FREE mini Phenology & Citizen Science lesson on Spring Bulbs.

Last year, when I made presentations it was suggested to me more than once that instead of PowerPoint I use Google Slides. So, I did that today as I put the presentation together. Honestly, I cannot really see the difference. I was led to believe that the format would be easier to share – and maybe it truly is when all you need is to be able to access your google account. I have a Mac and sometimes it causes issues when presenting remotely.

This was especially true when I presented at a Master Naturalist Training session last fall.  We finally got my PowerPoint to work after emailing it to the coordinator for the day.  I have found that if I just put my presentations on a jump drive, they can be put on any computer from the drive at the school or conference site. I do need to buy myself a handheld remote, however.  Most often, unless you are presenting at a large conference center, these are not available. (Or, they are and the batteries are dead or they have been lost or misplaced by staff). I think I need to invest in one myself that just works off of a dongle that comes with it.

April 2020 Mini Lesson on Spring Flowering Bulbs. © C. Labuzzetta, 2020
Click here to enter the lesson.

Spring Flower Bulbs: A Mini Phenology & Citizen Science lesson

The other problem I experienced today was the fact that I had trouble posting the slide show when it was completed. It posted fine here just now. But, earlier I had tons of trouble posting it to my FaceBook page where I have loyal local followers of my lessons, and people I know who will share it. Finally, after trying multiple things, I was able to post a clickable link.

If you are a mom or grandma at home with kids right now, looking for something different to do, take a look at my lesson on bulbs. It is a simple lesson and not as involved as forcing flower bulbs which is my lesson from which this one is adapted. There are a few amazing facts and some easy suggested activities. You can make the lesson as big or as small as you want. I hope you just enjoy being out of doors on a spring day with your loved ones!



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