A Dr. Seuss Style Poem

I don’t like to skip a day blogging but most of today passed without me writing. After dinner, we went for a short walk with the dog. During this time, I started writing this poem in my head. It’s kind of silly and not real deep but still, it kept me writing and that’s really sweet!


A Poem Reminiscent of Seuss


I did not blog today,

No, I did not!

Instead, I thought

I would give some other things a shot.


I sewed and beaded,

cleaned and speeded.

Off to get a latte,

I so desperately needed!


My mood is improved,

being so moved,

by encouraging words and



Life is good,

despite not being able to venture

farther than our neighborhood.


Returning to crafts of ole,

has been so nurturing to my soul.

My grandma’s machine helps me

to sew new masks for thee.


People young and people old,

need to continue to keep their distance from the fold.

We have come so far, let’s stay the course,

so we can live the future without remorse.


A poem I have for you today,

I did not blog, but I wrote – Hooray!



One thought

  1. As I was reading lots of blogs
    I felt so bored – like sawing logs
    And I thought “Aw heck, what’s the use?”
    Until I saw your version of Dr. Seuss! =))


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