When Blogging Gets Hard

Lately, I have noticed that my motivation for writing my blog has diminished. Maybe, it is because I’ve written 1,040 posts in the last 37 months and never really wondered what to write about; I just wrote.  Maybe, it is because there are things I would like to write about that will not be well received.  Maybe, I’ve lost motivation because I am inspired by daily life and lately, daily life is quiet due to the pandemic.  Maybe, it’s just time that I experience a lull. Or, maybe I am starting to turn my attention to other things.

I’m like that – I know.  I am intense and passionate about something and then it wanes. Three years of blogging nearly every single day is a long time, thousands of words, and a myriad of thoughts. It’s not like I am casually brushing this off – I’ve worked hard at my blog.  And, I do still enjoy writing it.

But. (There’s always a but, isn’t there?)

But, today – and recently – I just do not seem to want to pour my thoughts onto the paper. I still have thoughts, I am just more reticent to share them. I am not sure why.

Earlier, I looked for blogging prompts. They all seemed generic. One caught my eye called, “How to Write a Blog Post Using Pillar Content.” Although I could guess what this post was about, and did so correctly,  it did not help all that much when I read it. My pillar content started out being about student enrichment and gifted education. As I found out, writing about giftedness and the needs of gifted students can be thorny, at best. Then, my blog became more about self-reflection.  Although many have stated that they can relate to my writing, I am not sure I have developed pillar content.

Part of my problem might be that I am writing and developing material for my other website, The Lone Oak. I know at least twice in the last ten days I spent a lot of time developing posts for that site. This was time I am not sure was well spent.

My curriculum, what little I have put online through Teachers Pay Teachers, continues to sell, sporadically. It always gives me a little thrill when I know something I developed sold – as it did yesterday. So, this morning I began writing something new to put on that site.

I’ve thought about writing a novel, publishing my poetry, or even creating some other non-fiction literature for children that I’ve brainstormed privately. Other than compiling my color poems and researching the background for a non-fiction nature book for children, I have not moved forward.

On top of this, I am making and selling jewelry. Besides, writing and photography, jewelry making is my other main hobby. I make more money selling my jewelry than I do from my writing and/or curriculum.  And, this month has been no exception. I don’t know whether it is due to people staying at home due to COVID-19 and having more time to shop online or what, but I’ve sold more pieces in my Etsy shop this month than I have in quite a while!  It’s been very satisfying!

Don’t get me wrong – none of my hobbies are going to make me rich, but I do enjoy them most when I know others are also enjoying them. With the curriculum and jewelry, I know others enjoy my products that when someone makes a purchase. With my blogging, I know that others can relate when I receive comments or increased readership and followers.

Right now, blogging feels hard.


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  1. I agree that there are times when blogging can definitely be hard. I loved hearing about all of your hobbies and I need to check out your Etsy shop!
    Have you ever checked out the Teach Write community? I joined the weekly writing group a little over a year ago and there’s a wonderful Facebook page. I don’t know why I haven’t shared this with you before because I think you’d enjoy this group!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! I will check it out. I kind of feel like I hit a wall – although I still gain followers weekly. Some of my family still does not read my blog – claiming they do not have the time – this continues to be a source of disappointment. I also have found a return to sewing (to make masks)really enjoyable, which would mean yet another hobby! Maybe, I am just spread too thing and need to prioritize! Thanks for stopping by and again, for the group recommendation. Take Care.

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  2. Blogging (or any kind of writing) is hard to do consistently (as is evidenced by the fact that you do it so much more often than I do!), and your dedication to the written word is certainly commendable. And, I should say, I certainly appreciate your consistency since I like reading your work!

    Something you said in this post resonated with me: “Maybe, it is because there are things I would like to write about that will not be well received.” There are many times, here in my north Alabama teaching community, when I know my words–should I write them–would not be well received. I’d lose friends, or, well, at least the friendly collegiality of fellow educators in my geographical community. That’s a hard reality, driven mostly by the social and political climate we live in today.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

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    1. Tim, thanks so much for your kind words and support. What is the saying? “Anything worth doing is hard?” It’s something like that. I am not contemplating giving up my blog but sometimes wish to write more “hard” content. You picked up on my reticence about writing what would not be well received. I’ve either got to develop a very hard shell or just not address those issues. It is becoming easier as my youngest graduates next month from HS and the K-12 educational system will not have as much personal impact on me or my children. However, that said, I have always advocated for students as a whole and there are some definite issues that still need to be addressed in the world of education. But, like you said, at the very least I would loose some of the teacher friends that have always included me as one of their own. It’s a hard pill to swallow. I am going to try and focus on some other aspects of writing – first by signing up for a webinar offered by a successful local author. I think the distraction from my blog and wanting it to be something other than it is will do me some good.

      I hope you are well! Take care. And, thanks again! I am happy to know you enjoy my work!


      1. Is four days slow for a reply? I think so–my apologies! (It seems like the last few weeks have been spent apologizing for slow replies; thank goodness I wasn’t this busy during Slice month!)
        Though I haven’t replied, I have been thinking about your response to my comment. These are difficult times–obviously–but this contentious climate isn’t a new one. It’s been brewing for quite a while now. For you (and me, I hope), it’s made even more difficult though because you think before you speak; you don’t just shoot off a sentence or two off the cuff.
        One of things that I’m hesitant to put into writing (unless it’s buried in the comments of someone else’s blog) is that I’m constantly amazed by the lack of critical thinking by so many educators. Just wow.
        I do enjoy your work and am glad to hear you’re going to keep it up. That said, I’m certainly interested to see where you’d go next!

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      2. Well, I am worse at replying lately. I know that and just responded to a few people that left comments almost a week ago. I don’t know why but I am definitely responding slower thest days. In any case, thanks for still writing a comment. Yes, I agree with you that the tensions in the educational environments have existed for a while. And, yes, we all need to think before we speak. However, when I am listening to something/someone spout things that are not student centered – let’s say in a committee meeting to which I go as a member, it gets hard to reign it in. But, I do. And, then when I finally speak, I am trying to combine so many thoughts at once in an impassioned way that I tend to not verbalize well. What bothers me the most is how many have blinders on and/or are caught up in the bureacracy of the systems – then, the students loose out. It is irritating, but unrecognized by many. Thanks, again!


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