New Poetry: Life is Not Linear & Content at Home


Life is not Linear

Are you now

who you thought you’d be

when you were eighteen?


Probably not.


Life is not Linear,

a straight line where you travel from

Point A to Point Z.


As much as we want it to be,

Life is not Linear.


Just like how we cannot fit a square peg into a round hole,

we cannot force our will upon others.

It is the blessing of humanity,

this individuality.


Expect some zigging and zagging,

Changing plans,  going one step

forward and, then, two steps back.


Each step informs the others of which

way to turn, so like hiking along a path in the

woods one might need to sidestep or change

direction because of the choice before.


No. Life is not linear.

Life is what you make of it,

each step, each turn, and each



IMG_0743 (1)


Content at Home

Black coffee brewing,

the aroma enticing even

those who do not drink.


Birds chirping outside my open window,

happy spring is finally here.


Curled up on a cozy couch,

with a good book in hand.

Warm.  Secure.  Happy.


The puppy sighs deeply, in her sleep,

lying next to you, turning comfortably.


Outside green valleys and blue skies,

beckon me to visit our yard.

Preparing for a new season of growth.


Nowhere to go,

No pressure to live

outside of my

little green bubble.

No reason to bend

to another’s


Content at Home.

3 thoughts

      1. Very relatable! I am honestly just dabbling with notebooks. I’m one of those people who does most of their writing on the computer, but I’m trying. So, I picked up a largish hardback sketchbook from the store and I’m doing my best to write in it. I like it, but it’s certainly not a habit.

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