Slice of Life Tuesday: Writing Webinars


Recently, my writing has taken more of a priority for me and I have been working on it outside of writing my blog. If you read my blog regularly, you might notice that my posts are later in the day. You also might notice my words might not have the conviction or intensity you have become accustomed to reading when you visit my page. But, I have been working on the possibility of expanding my writing beyond my blog. This takes both time and knowledge. (And, therefore, energy!)


Fortunately, I have time. However, it is how I use that time that counts. Just like everyone, I need to use my time wisely. This is especially true when I don’t want to abandon my blogging. I just want to expand my writing. In part, this is why my blog posts have become later and later. Now, instead of writing my blog, I am working on other some facets of writing earlier in the day.

These facets include: compiling poems, editing drafts, reworking words, brainstorming beta readers, and assembling curriculum so it is accessible to a third grader’s curiosity and reading level.  Each of these tasks takes time.  (I am really not into tongue twisters, despite how this seems! )


Everyone in my house is self-taught in something. You could say we are “big” in self-teaching skills. I am not unlike the rest of my family. For the first ten years of my elementary based garden club, I taught myself the ecological, horticultural, and environmental information before I ever stepped in front of my students for the year. I’m not sure I could teach any differently now. However, there comes a time to legitimize one’s knowledge. At least, for me, I know that is true.  So, I took care of that and got my second M.S. – this time in Environmental Ed.

My writing is no different. I enjoy it. I do “okay” at writing – although I know I have several problem areas such as the overuse of commas, and verbosity. But, those minor infractions do not keep people from following my blog or returning as regular readers. And, importantly, for me is the need to resist perfectionism in the writing. I do not want to fret and obsess over grammar or other characteristics that will take the fun out of it. I am aiming for professional and well polished, not obsessive thoughts over what I should or should not include in my writing.

But, I know nothing of the book publishing world.  So, for the last three Wednesday night’s I attended a series of Webinars offered by an author that lives in my town. I saw the webinars advertised on Facebook most assuredly because the author and I know many of the same people.  I decided to go for it – as they say! I mean it’s a webinar – not a doctoral dissertation!

The  Zoom meeting style content included:

Week 1: Self Publishing 101

Week 2: Book Marketing 101

Week 3: The ABCs of Authorpreneurship

I enjoyed all three of the sessions and took notes furiously!  So, I am learning more about the “world” of self-publishing from an author who has done it over and over again with success. Have I learned anything? Yes, I believe I have. I know I need to have a manuscript done first or the compilation of my poems collected before I can do more.

But, I’m spending time learning about a craft/skill/talent (you choose the word) that has become second nature to me.  Time. Knowledge. Write. Repeat.

I’ll get there. I know I will.

Tonight, my questions for my Slicing Friends are these: What have you found helpful to your writing and/or publishing career? Is there an online source you cannot live without? Do you find a particular website helpful for formatting? What do you like to do to promote your work? Who do you use for Beta readers?

If you don’t mind letting a few of your secrets out, I would love to hear what you find helpful beyond the blogging world.

Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

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  1. I can’t offer advice as I’m not published or write professionally. However, I will follow your journey closely and see what I can learn from you! I know I need to work on voice, balancing description with other types of writing and finding that one idea, path, spark all my own.

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    1. Hmmmm. I hate to be negative Darin, but you might be waiting a long time. I have real difficulty getting more than a few responses from the Slicing group. And, my questions or desire to have insight from others usually are not addressed. This used to upset me. But, I’ve come to expect it. I don’t know why it is this way for me, but it is and has been since I started in 2017 with the Slice of Life Challenge. Now, I just accept it and keep writing. I know there are many in the group and we only have to comment on three other blogs but most receive many more comments than mine. As I said, I’ve learned instead to be grateful to the ones who do read and comment, such as yourself, and not worry about the rest. Thanks. I hope both you and I receive some insight from others. Time will tell. Thanks!

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