The Plant Game: Carnivorous Plants

One of my favorite Garden Club lessons was on Carnivorous Plants. Usually, I covered this group of plants in a unit on plant adaptations for that is exactly what these plants have done – adapted to survive!

The most famous Carnivorous Plant is the Venus Fly Trap.  It is a snap trap.  But, did you know that there are others?  There are sticky traps, and pitfall traps, too. Some of these even grow in Wisconsin.  These are fascinating plants that get kids really excited!

Test your knowledge!

As with last week, I’ll be back tomorrow to provide the answers. If you are really adventuresome and cannot wait for the answers, you can try your hand at a Kahoot that I made a few years ago for a classroom presentation on Carnivorous Plants. The link is at the bottom of the post.

Image by Lawrie Phipps from Pixabay

1. Where does the Venus Fly Trap plant live natively?



     2. Many pitfall traps are known by this common name.


3. Do any carnivorous plants live underwater?


4. What does the name carnivorous mean?


Image by laurentvalentinjospi0 from Pixabay

5. What is the most common “meal” for carnivorous plants?


6. How do carnivorous plants get enough nutrients to grow?


7. What famous scientist studied carnivorous plants?


8. What are the most common predators of carnivorous plants?


9. Name a carnivorous plant that kills their prey by trapping them with a sticky substance?


10. What two things do sticky carnivorous plants do to attract insects?


1 + 1 = Food


Image by Sean Gentle from Pixabay


11. In what type of environment do most carnivorous plants live?


Image by jggrz from Pixabay


12. What helps prevent a trapped insect from getting out of a pitcher plant?


venus-flytrap-2667991_1920 (1)
Image by Dugeot from Pixabay

13. How many trigger hairs have to be touched in succession to close the snap trap on the Venus Fly Trap Plant?



14. What types of carnivorous plants live in Wisconsin?


15. What types of carnivorous plants grow where you live?


16. Why should you never pick (poach) a carnivorous plant?


Sources for to look for answers:

Botanical Society of America (Lots of scientific language if you like that sort of thing)


National Geographic Kids

San Diego Zoo Kids

Science for Kids

Cornell’s Naturalists Outreach YouTube Video

As with last week, I’ll be back tomorrow to give you some answers. But, in the meantime look for yourself and see how amazing these plants can be!

Self Paced Kahoot on Carnivorous Plants

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