Poetry Friday: Masks for This and That

Today is Poetry Friday and our host for the Roundup this week is author Irene Latham from the website Live Your Poem!  I have been making a lot of fabric masks and donating them to members of my community. This has been a fun and worthwhile activity for me, even in the unpleasant circumstances of the pandemic. Today, I share a poem I wrote about the masks.


Masks for This and That

When you think of masks,

You don’t think of this particular dance.

Instead of masquerade balls,

Halloween decorated halls,

and perhaps that

New Guinean tribe, you’ve not had a

chance on yet to call, these masks serve

a more serious purpose than those all.


No one would have imagined

the masks of this persuasion.

Not made to entertain or disguise,

The masks of today are not even worn to surprise.

They come in all colors,

all shapes, and size, with YouTube tutorials

For those who need a guide.

I wear a mask, and

many others do, too.

Have you found a mask that

is right for you?

Around here, at least, I have come to note

the odd relationship between masking and not.

As more are infected, less wear a mask!

Why is that?

I wonder so earnestly and ask.

It makes no sense.

For without this practice, we’ll all land in

the moat.

Mask fabric is fun, the prints lively too.

Surely, surely, you can find one for you.

My mission to make them is honest and true.

Pick up a mask, most are free.

Wear it for me,

Or, wear it for you.

If the germs get slowed down,

we’ll all be grateful you do.


© Carol Labuzzetta, 2020.


6 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing! The line “Have you found a mask that is right for you?” really made me think about how many masks we can wear and made me think about what my masks may be hiding.

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  2. What a generous act of kindness-making masks and donating them. Do you add your poem also? If not, you should. I would think the receivers of your kindness would appreciate your poem.

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  3. Carol, it’s so fun to read this, because I am sitting at my kitchen table, sewing tropical masks for my daughter and her fiance and our family to wear at her (tiny, social distancing) wedding festivities next weekend. I sew a few steps, then read and comment on a PF post, sew a few, then read and comment…so your poem totally resonates!

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    1. Oh, re-reading this I realize that you are in the middle of your daughter’s wedding weekend. Thanks for taking the time to comment during such a busy time for you! I can tell you’re used to multi-tasking! I hope your festivities (and masks) were fun and well received!


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