Poetry Friday: Pandemic Haiku

Today is Poetry Friday. Upon arising, I was not sure I was going to write poetry today.  I just “wasn’t in the mood.” Instead, I headed out to the garden to weed with my almost one-year-old Yellow Labrador puppy in tow. She gets bored with such mundane tasks as pulling weeds and soon created some fun for herself. Stealing the garden gloves that I had tucked in my pants when I bent over to take a photograph (I had returned to the kitchen to retrieve my phone shortly before), our lab was in a grab and go – let’s have some fun – stage. I, not being a morning person to begin with, was not amused!

I was lazy and let her have the gloves, continuing my weeding and photographing of my flowers when the spirit moved me. As I headed inside to make my coffee, I called the lab to join me. Nope. She was having none of my instruction this morning. Finally, after several attempts at tricking and bribing her to come inside, she reluctantly agreed by following me after I stole my half-eaten glove back.

As we got to the door, she stopped. I went inside, leaving the door open for her.  As I turned around to see if she had come in, and what I saw was a yellow lab butt heading out of our garage with a white men’s sneaker in her mouth! Oh, Molly!

It was then I knew I must write some Haiku!


A Labrador Puppy Morning


Stealing Gloves and Shoes

Games You Play, Funny at First

No longer amuse


Addition to my Garden


Bright Pink Monarda

Drawing Pollinators Near

Native Plants Alive 


IMG_1525 (1)
My front garden. Yarrow & Unknown Plant. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020


Pollinator Food


A Balm for My Bees

Monarda,  Liatris, Yarrow

Come, Feast on Pollen




Days blur into one

Without Routine to Guide Us

Structure, Return Please


Apple Trees


Tiny, New, Apple

Growing Now, Sour Replaced

Sweet, sugary Pulp

Tiny Apple. June 2020. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2020



Steady Rhythmic Rain

Pounding on gutters in beat

Depressing My Day



So Desperately Seeking 

Black Coffee for Two

Luxury now such a Need


It is Poetry Friday!. Dr. Patricia Stohr-Hunt and her blog The Miss Rumphious Effect is the host for this week’s Poetry Round-up. Thanks to her we can share and read some amazing poetry this week!

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  1. “Labrador Puppy Morning” reminds me of something I used to always tell my kids: “The key to a good joke is knowing when to stop.” I LOVE your yarrow and unknown flower photo. Beautiful!

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